Top 5 Anime that could work as a live action series

Top 5 Anime that could work as a live action series

Anime continues to grow in popularity globally, known for its imaginative animation, engaging stories, and dynamic characters. While some action-packed anime seem impossible to adapt into live action, several more realistic, character-driven series could make the leap successfully. let’s look at 5 grounded anime without existing live action versions that could inspire phenomenal adaptations.

Top 5 Anime that could work as a live action series

5. Erased

Also known as Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, this supernatural mystery tells the story of Satoru, a young man who can travel back in time before life-threatening incidents to prevent them. When his mother is murdered, Satoru leaps back 18 years to his childhood to solve the crime and save her life. Erased’s time travel elements would be challenging but the emotional, nostalgic story could make compelling viewing.

4. Death Parade

This psychological drama is set in a mysterious bar called Quindecim where the recently deceased must participate in a judging game that determines their afterlife fate. The intimate setting and thought-provoking questions about human nature make Death Parade ideal for live action. It offers an inventive look at mortality through the lens of the characters’ deaths.

3. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate revolves around eccentric scientist Rintaro Okabe who accidentally discovers time travel and grapples with the consequences of altering the past through experiments. This mind-bending sci-fi premise would be difficult to execute properly in live action but could make a profoundly imaginative series in capable hands. The oddball characters, shifting timelines, and ethical dilemmas would fascinate audiences.

2. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergarden (Image via Kyoto Animation)

This poignant drama follows Violet, an emotionally stunted war veteran who becomes an Auto Memory Doll ghostwriting letters for others. Through her work, she processes grief and loss while learning the meaning of love and humanity. Violet Evergarden’s postwar setting, exquisite animation and moving themes of self-discovery and healing would resonate beautifully in live action.

1. Monster

Tenma Kenzo in Monster
Tenma Kenzo in Monster (Image via Studio Nippon TV)

Topping the list is the acclaimed psychological thriller Monster. Set in 1980s Germany, it follows Japanese neurosurgeon Dr. Kenzo Tenma whose life enters turmoil after choosing to save a young boy over a politician. The boy, Johan Liebert, becomes a dangerous serial killer that Tenma vows to stop. Monster’s gritty realism, intricate plot, and mature themes would translate well into live action. With the right director and casting, a live action Monster could become a riveting high-quality drama.


Certain anime like Monster, Erased, Death Parade, Steins;Gate, and Violet Evergarden have grounded stories and compelling themes that could successfully transition into live action adaptations. If handled with care and vision, these moving tales populated with complex characters could introduce whole new audiences to the power of anime. The possibilities are endless for breathtaking live action transformations.


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