Top 5 Rarest Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Trading Card game (TCG) is a widely popular card game, especially for Pokemon fans. Aside from being a hobby, these Pokemon Cards can be an investment and worth a fortune. We listed the Top 5 Rarest Pokemon Cards and their monetary value in this article.

Before that, you might wonder. What makes these Pokemon Cards rare or valuable? Well, like most collector’s items, these are appraised and certified by professionals, such as PSA, CGC, and Beckett.

These are some considerations in valuing the pokemon cards:
Authenticity, Rarity, Set/Edition, Holo (design), Collector Number, Levels, Unique Identifiers, and Historical Sales.

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Now, here are the rarest Pokemon cards.

1998 Kangaskhan
Family Event Trophy Holographic Card

On our Top 5, the 1998 Kagaskhan Card was given to select winners who won a certain number of matches during the Parent/Child Mega Battle Tournament in 1998. A collector bought this Rated 10, the highest possible rating, Pokemon Card for $150,100 in October of 2020.

2017 Tsunekazu Ishihara
GX Black Star Promo Card

For our Top 4, the Tsuneka Ishihara Card is a commemoration of the Pokemon Founder’s 60th Birthday. While the card is already rare, the founder signed copies of these and prices skyrocketed. Last April 2021, collectors bought this particular card for $247,230.

The “Red Chanchanko” ability symbolizes the red vests traditionally worn during 60th birthdays in Japan.

1998 “Backless Blastoise”

Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holographic Card

Moving to the Top 3, Wizards of Cost produced only 2 of this ultra-rare card for the TCG’s English Language release which eventually debut a year later. Aside from these, the card is also unique since there is nothing printed on its back. Thus, Backless Blastoise.

The card was sold for a staggering amount of $360,000 or as much as an Aston Martin Tom Brady Edition Car. But hey, assets come in different forms and others argue that this is more valuable.


1999 First Edition Charizard
Shadowless Holographic Card

At Top 2, the Charizard First edition was sold last January 2022 for almost half a million or $420,000. Need I say more? But seriously, its price increased nearly 2 fold since October of 2020 and is regarded as the hottest card therein. Charizards are already in demand but this one is printed by mistake and is still in mint condition. Manufacturers re-printed and corrected it to a new card version which makes this rare. Who knew mistakes could be a fortune? Wild.

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1998  Pikachu Illustrator
Coro Coro Comic Illustration Holographic Card

The rarest among them all is the Pikachu Illustrator Card traded privately. Logan Paul traded a PSA 9 rating of the same card + $4M which totals $5,275,000. This is by far the World’s most expensive card. Logan Paul immortalized and make it into an icon by wearing the Pokemon Card into a WWE wrestling event, Wrestlemania 2022. Wow.

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Would you spend a fortune on Pokemon  Cards?
Seems like a good investment.

If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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