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The business tycoon and technology enthusiast Elon Musk is now in deep waters with his current situation with Twitter. Just about a month after becoming the major shareholder of the social media platform. Elon Musk is one of the most influential personalities in the world yet nobody still fully knows who or WHAT the doge father is. As he is always ten steps ahead of everyone, could the conspiracy theory be true that Elon Musk is a time traveler from the future? Even more so, is he really human? Join us as we list the top 5 reasons why everyone thinks he’s a time traveler who is either trying to save us from future destruction or is someone who wants to rule the world.

5. The Great Mars Migration

Elon Musk has continuously expressed his desire to send humans to Mars. In the future, he plans to make an escapade on the red planet which would eventually allow humans to terraform and colonize Mars to create a new home.

Elon has been straightforward in that plan and with SpaceX, that could come to reality sooner than later. In connection with this, our planet is already succumbing to climate change. According to scientists, Earth has approximately a few hundred years left until it becomes uninhabitable. Could it be that Elon Musk is someone from the future who came back during our generation to make things right?

4. Becoming the wealthiest man in the world at just 50 years old

Surprisingly, whenever Elon Musk tweets, he shakes the whole stock market and the crypto market. He did this not just once, but many times already.

Truthfully, Elon is the real Lord of the Rings, on in this matter, the Lord of Twitter. One tweet to rule them all as they say. With only one tweet from Elon, he would suddenly change the movement in the blockchain and digital currency market. Some are already even calling him “The Dogefather” because of his support for Dogecoin on the blockchain.

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However, we should give props to Musk for starting from scratch in the ’90s and making his way to the top three decades later. Currently, he owns some of the biggest companies in the world like Tesla, SpaceX, and his most recent and biggest acquisition, Twitter.

3. The Roaring 20’s

To those who haven’t heard of this subject, The Roaring 20’s was a period in American history during the 20th century (the 1920s) of dramatic social, economical, and political change.

Elon Musk Roaring 20sPhoto Courtesy of Doctor Jack via Twitter

Despite the positive effects of the sudden change in America, it still brought more conflict than it brought success. For added information, World War I took place during the 20s which could have been a major factor in how the economy fell at the end of the decade.

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The current economic state of the whole world today is in shambles due to the evident inflation affecting every nation. With Elon’s tweet about re-igniting the roaring 20s, one could assume he wants the same changes that happened about a century ago. However, the end result of that scheme was dire. The tweet was posted in January, way before the current inflation exploded. Does this mean this economic inflation is leading us to something even bigger in the future? How could Elon Musk have known about this?

2. Buying Twitter and then plans to take it down ala “The Terminator’s Skynet”

It’s only been about a month since Elon became the CEO of Twitter but he already made huge moves in the company. First, he started to fire Twitter’s board of directors which gives him complete control of the company. Then, he made an ultimatum that forced other employees to exit, leading to a huge manpower loss. According to reports, there have already been thousands of employees who have resigned after Elon Musk’s orders.

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Twitter now is working on a skeleton crew and if employees keep leaving, the company’s demise could be inevitable. While there are theorists suggesting that Elon is doing this because he wants to take down Twitter himself due to the damage social media has done to people, we still couldn’t be more sure of his real intentions. It’s like Elon came back from the future to destroy the very thing that started chaos in his time ergo Twitter. (That does sure sound a lot like The Terminator, doesn’t it?)

As of now, #RIP Twitter and TWITTER IS SHUTTING DOWN are trending in Twitter worldwide.

1. Photos of people from the past who eerily look like Elon Musk

Recently, there have been numerous old photos of people from the past have resurfaced on the internet which resembled Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is a time traveler

There are a lot of pictures out there that are circulating the web which suggest that Elon Musk is a time traveler and has already jumped into different timelines. Despite all of that, there is no evidence to prove that. But, how is he able to be always ahead of everybody?

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Furthermore, this unknown man from China who looks a lot like Elon surely seems like a doppelganger. Isn’t the resemblance uncanny?

Elon Musk Doppelganger in China

Due to his infamous predicament, a lot of conspiracy theorists would say that he is either a time traveler or he is not one of us. But, truthfully, nobody can say for sure.

Whether he is a genius in his craft or he is something not known to men, Elon Musk is really one influential icon. His visions and missions are not just changing the United States of America, but it is also affecting everyone in the world. May it be for good or for bad, we just have to hope for the best.

Do you think Elon Musk is a time traveler from the future? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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