Top 5 Sykkuno cute moments with other Streamers

Top 5 Sykkuno cute moments with other Streamers - Cover

Sykkuno is one of the top streamers who first started out on Twitch. Throughout the years, he’s built relationships with other streamers on Twitch before he migrated to YouTube back in May 2022. It’s already a given that streamers like Sykkuno will get up to all sorts of things while live streaming with his friends. Aside from the usual entertaining moments, there are also funny and cute moments Sykkuno had with fellow streamers. Here are our top 5 moments of Sykkuno sharing cute moments with streamers like Pokimane and Corpse Husband. Stay with us!

Top 5 cute moments between Sykkuno and other streamers

Top 5 Sykkuno cute moments with other Streamers - 1
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Sykkuno’s had a lot of cute moments shared with his fellow streamers, but the ones that made it onto our list don’t fail in making us go “aww” or laugh at how adorable these moments are. Some of the clips we’ve listed below may be outdated but nonetheless, they’re still in our Top 5.

1. Leslie makes the mistake of trusting Sykkuno in Among Us

During a game of Among Us with other streamers such as Leslie and Corpse Husband, Sykkuno takes on the role of the Impostor. As any game of Among Us goes, Crewmates need to finish tasks before the Impostor kills all of them off.

  • At the 0:42 mark of the compilation video, we see Sykkuno and Leslie interact. She innocently invites him to do some tasks with her, but Sykkuno warns her that he’s going to kill him. At this point, Leslie gets flustered and tries to play it off as Sykkuno joking around with her.
  • Unfortunately for Leslie (who is a Crewmate for this round), she ends up getting followed by Sykkuno while no other streamers are around. He even gives her a chance to run back to the group but Leslie decides to finish her task first.

2. Sykkuno plays a custom match in Valorant with other streamers

Aside from Among Us, Sykkuno also plays Valorant with other streamers and of course, there are bound to be funny and cute moments with them there. While playing a custom game with other streamers, Valkyrae and Pokimane are on the other team.

  • Sykkuno first kills off Valkyrae before Pokimane accidentally exposes her location as Sova. As Pokimane recons the site, she doesn’t notice Sykkuno slip past her. Unbeknownst to Poki, she gets knifed in the back by her friend.

3. Pokimane’s surprise visit

While playing Overcooked with other streamers, Pokimane visits Sykkuno at his house and the two share a quick adorable moment. She shares that she was just in the neighborhood and his “roommate” let her in. Sykkuno also has Pokimane say hi to his stream before she giggles at the fact that he was streaming without pants on.

4. Sykkuno and other streamers say “OWA”

Although this clip is shorter compared to the others on this list, it’s enough to make our hearts go “aww”. While they play Valorant, the word “OWA” is brought up and his friends start saying the word. At the beginning of the clip, we can hear Sykkuno quietly and shyly say it, too.

5. He is Corpse Husband’s best friend

Sykkuno showed his possessive and jealous side during a stream with Corpse Husband. As they are playing a game in VR, Sykkuno sees Corpse talking to someone else that isn’t him. Then, he approaches them and says that “He’s my best friend. Get away!” Afterward, Sykkuno tries to play it off cool by saying that he’s trolling but nonetheless, definitely a cute moment between the two.

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Those are our top 5 cute moments between Sykkuno and his fellow streamers! Which one was your favorite? Or if your favorite didn’t make it on here, feel free to share with us in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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