Top Healing K-dramas to start your 2023 right

Healing K-drama for 2023

Healing K-dramas are perfect stress-busters, so we made a list of top K-dramas to accompany you in the new year 2023.

2023 Top Healing K-drama
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What are Healing K-dramas?

Healing dramas are shows that do not create anxiety or heighten the emotions of viewers. Its story and characters reflect everyday life and one can be rest assured of a good ending, making them perfect to watch at the end of a stressful day or start the new year. Without further ado, let’s find your next watch.

Top Healing K-dramas to start your 2023 right

1. When the Weather Is Fine

A drama that is, in a true sense, an adaption of a novel. Each scene passes by with memorable dialogues and folds literature into itself. The story follows a cellist who visits her hometown after being tired of city life. Here, her path crosses with an old friend who now owns the Goodnight Bookstore. If you want to start your new year with slow romance and picturesque sights, then When the Weather Is Fine is your healing match.

2. Reply 1988

Any K-drama by the Reply series team is perfect to start the new year for its family-like warmth. However, Reply 1988 is the one that the majority of K-drama lovers swear by. The story follows 5 friends and their families as they live through life’s hardships and peace together in the same neighborhood. If nostalgia and warmth are something you need this new year, Reply 1988 is your healing K-drama match.

3. Melo Is My Nature

Not all healing K-dramas are slow-paced. Some are filled with a quick burst of carefree energy. Melo Is My Nature follows three friends tackling their 30s with sarcasm and melodrama. It is directed and co-written by Lee Byung Heon who is famous for Korea’s highest-grossing comedy film titled Extreme Job. If you desire to start your new year with bursts of laughter, energy, and sentiments, Be Melodramatic is your healing match.

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4. Summer Strike

The latest addition to the list of healing K-dramas is Summer Strike starring Im Si Wan and Seolhyun. The drama is an adaption of a webtoon called I don’t feel like doing anything. It follows Yeo-Reum as she tries to aid her burnout by not doing anything. If you need a breather before you rush into the new year, Summer Strike is your healing match.

5. Black Dog: Being a Teacher

Next on the list is an underrated K-drama directed for the few who enjoy character-based stories. This drama follows the journey of Ko Ha-Neul as she finds out what being a teacher means. There are many school K-dramas available, but this one introduces you to events that happen before and after the school bell rings. If you need some determination to start the new year then Black Dog is your healing K-drama match.

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6. Late-Night Restaurant

In the darkened streets of Korea lies a diner that opens from 12 A.M. to 7 A.M., and serves whatever your heart craves. This 20-episode K-drama follows the life story of each visitor through a dish that can fulfill their midnight cravings. If you too are lost and hungry on New Year’s Eve, Late-Night Restaurant is your healing K-drama match.

7. My Liberation Notes

This is a K-drama where nobody is sad yet this absence of suffering doesn’t evoke joy either. It is the story of three siblings finding ways that can shift the tracks of their monotonous life. If you are having a hard time finding the line which divides 2023 from 2022 then My Libration Notes is your healing K-drama match.

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All of the listed K-dramas are available to stream on Rakuten Viki (Exception: My Liberation Notes on Netflix) and I hope you found your perfect healing match.

Which other K-dramas gave you healing energy this year? Let me know in the comments, and follow Spiel Times for more entertainment, sports, and gaming content. Happy Holidays!


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