Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Might Not Release This Year

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or TABS is undoubtedly one of the most hyped games of this year. Since the days of its closed beta, gamers have been debating about its release date. Developer Landfall did manage to tackle┬áthe curiosity of its fans by saying that TABS will release late 2017, but a recent comment by one of Landfall’s Community Manager says – it may not be possible.

I did a ‘release date speculation’ on TABS in my last post and concluded that we might see the final version around near Christmas. Go check out that article if you want to. I shared that post on Reddit, and a day later, user BottenHanna, Community Manager at Landfall left a comment that said –

Hi! We still can’t say a date, we are still hoping to do this year but realistically (with localization and QA) it may not be possible. The game is well on its way to getting completed so no five-year wait, we want to release it as soon as it’s ready ­čÖé

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Prepare for a delay

So that prepares us for another delay. We saw the first delay when Landfall postponed Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s Open Alpha release.┬áThe team behind TABS is working relentlessly to make the game a perfect one, and that, of course, is taking them a long time.

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