Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Open Alpha Starts November 15 – Update

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Open Alpha

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gets Accurate Open Beta Date


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) Open Alpha Release Postponed

We have this post on our website called “Sign up for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Open Alpha Now!” that has generated more views than 70% of our total posts. Why? Because people fell in love with this game. Almost everyone who saw it’s gameplay burst out laughing and got eager to get their hands-on. And now, there’s this great news.

I keep checking the official TABS page frequently and luckily today, I saw some changes. Landfall has finally revealed the date when they will release the TABS Open Alpha. Mark your calendars guys, it’s November 15. Many people signed up for the alpha test, but only 1% got the chance to play it. Now, with the reveal of TABS Open Alpha, everyone will be get the chance to try out this epic ragdoll war simulator before hand.

Were Landfall Games ignoring TABS fans?

Many of you were upset with Landfall Games because of not receiving the alpha codes. No, they weren’t ignoring TABS fans. Well, here’s the catch. Landfall Games were working impatiently for the release of ClusterTurck. The game underwent several stages of development, and was ready to hit digital marketplace, Steam. But, you need to be careful before releasing a game right? So, the whole Landfall team was busy with ClusterTruck’s release. Now that the game is scheduled to release on September 27, the team has set up minds to work on Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and do their best to finish it at the earliest.

Landfall has also prepared a market strategy that will help them make TABS better than ever. If you pre-purchase ClusterTruck on Steam, you can get the TABS alpha copy instantly. So all those TABS fans eager to play it right now, go ahead and pre-purchase ClusterTruck.

We’ll be updating if any more TABS-related news flies around my head. Keep in touch with their official Discord and Reddit, and make sure to stay tuned with Spiel Times for more gaming, technology and esports related information, news and stuff.

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    1. If you bought the game from Steam, you don’t need the code. The game will automatically appear in your library.

      However, if you bought a retail code from other websites, try contacting them through mail.

      Hope it helps.

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