Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, developed by Landfall Games, has always been the most popular game on Spiel Times. Posts I made about the game in 2016 are still being viewed by hundreds every single day. While the base game is still under development, Landfall took two months to develop another version of TABS, called TABG or Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.

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As Landfall describes, these additional versions are made for “April’s Fool Day”. Last year, they released a hybrid of TABS and Day-Z called the Totally Accurate Zombielator or TABZ. This year, though late, they have created a game connected to the Battle Royale genre. Of course, the “Battlegrounds” in TABG comes from PUBG if you haven’t already figured that out.

On their FAQ page, Landfall writes the reason behind a battle royale game. The page says, “We spend an enormous amount of lunch breaks and nights playing PUBG, this is a homage to a game we love”.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is currently free on Steam. Anyone who claims the game prior to 100 hours from its initial release can keep the game free forever. In case you’re late to the party, you can grab the game at $4.99.

Landfall has also clarified as to why they’re charging for TABG. TABG is a multiplayer game unlike TABZ, which was a peer to peer game without server costs. The money collected will be utilised for the server costs, maintenance etc.

I haven’t tried out the game yet. But I’d love to once I’m done writing this story. However, Landfall has stated that they’re “super unlikely to update the game with more content”. So the best deal here is to get the game within the first 100 hours.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds features a huge map, unit customisation and a completely physics-based world. It’d be fun to see the battle royale genre evolve in a ragdoll physics-based world. Right?

Check out some screens down below –

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

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