Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera expansion: All details so far

Heads up, Tower of Fantasy players! Hotta Studio has announced a new update for Tower of Fantasy! A brand new expansion is just around the corner for the open-world RPG.  

Tower of Fantasy might look quite similar to Genshin Impact, but it has its own features, characters, and a vast world to explore with intriguing stories. It takes place in a high-tech, apocalyptic world where humanity fled the dying Earth. Eventually, they found colonies on a new planet. 

The game lets you explore an extensive world along with other players. It also provides opportunities to develop your character and take adventures solo or co-op.

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According to ESTNN, it has been a permanent member of the top 10 downloads in almost 150 countries. It has definitely made an impression on players all over the world. Recently, they turned to Twitter to announce the new Vera expansion along with its trailer. The game was only released a few weeks ago, but they don’t hesitate in growing further! 

Details of the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update

What is the Tower of Fantasy Vera expansion?

The developers recently showed a sneak peek of the new Tower of Fantasy 2.0. This new update will be launched this fall of 2022. It features a new cyberpunk world to explore, the new desert region Vera, along with new mounts, monsters, weapons, and more.

  • Vera has two separate hubs. First is the Desert Gobby, an irradiated wilderness with the cyberpunk hub of Mirroria located in its heart. There will be new monsters to challenge, instances and raids to conquer, and legendary bosses. 
  • While the other side is a brand new city, the floating city of Mirroria. Definitely, it’s a cyberpunk haven with its flying cars, perpetual night, energy spheres, and lots of triangles. Based on the trailer, you can also see the characters zipping across the desert landscape on speeder bikes.  
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  • Hotta Studio stated that Vera was under the jurisdiction of the Seventh District of Hykros before the Cataclysm. After which it lost contact with the main plane. According to PCGames, a failure in the Vera Tower of Fantasy following the Cataclysm means that Vera’s space-time dimension cannot be calibrated on the main Plane, and nor can it obtain a stable supply of original energy. Fortunately, outside of a few heavily polluted areas, the intensity of original energy radiation in Vera is decreasing.


Is there a new Tower of Fantasy character?

  • Along with the new Vera expansion is an upcoming character. TechRaptor stated that the new character is named Frigg. She is a quiet soldier whose body has been modified with living metal. She’s also a lone wolf who only trusts herself among the ranks of the Angels of Clemency. Frigg is known to fight with a katana. She will be joining the vast world of the Tower of Fantasy on September 1st

Tower of Fantasy has recently made an impact with over 10 million downloads in just a little over two weeks.

The game is currently available on both the Apple App Store, Google Play, PC, and is soon coming to the Epic Game Store and Steam.

We cannot wait to see what’s more in store for the new update! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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