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Tower of Fantasy is a new upcoming open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that will be released worldwide on April 2022. Though the game was already launched in China last year (December 2021), Hotta Studio is targeting a global release.

Journey into the world of Aida, a fictional planet in the game where you and others will create a new world.

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The characters’ names had already been introduced into the gaming community. As a result, they are out and about to conquer the world of MMO. Let’s take a sneak peek at the characters we can play as:

Super Rare (SR) Characters

  • Bai Ling

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Bai Ling is a female character specializing in bows and arrows. She’s the best when it comes to putting down enemies using the projectile.


  • Hilda

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Watch out, folks! Hilda will shoot you down and freeze you with her almighty Ice Cannon, “The Terminator”. Do not take her for granted, or you will be terminated!

  • Manaka

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Manaka is one of the basic heroes the game will provide its players. She is fairly easy to use and is also user-friendly. But, don’t underestimate this lady warrior. Her amazing fighting skills and sharp Electric Spear might just be the reason for your demise!


  • Peppa

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Some heroes are cool, but not “Peppa who heals teammates” kind of cool. She’s the healer and the support in this group. Therefore, she is the most useful asset for a team during quests and fights.

  • Xi

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She looks sweet but don’t get fooled by her looks. Xi might be cute but you don’t want to be on the receiving end of her ginormous Ice Hammer.


Super Super Rare (SSR)

  • Claudia

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The supposed Captain and commander of all heroes, Claudia, will strike fear into the hearts of her enemies. She wields a very strong one-handed sword (Red Lotus Blade) which can slice even her strongest foes.

On a side note, this Tower of Fantasy character pretty hot and looks a lot like Esdeath (Akame ga Kill! anime)

  • Cobalt-B

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Ratatatata! Cobalt B, the gunslinger would never hesitate to put a hole in you with her powerful shotgun. Just a piece of advice, do not piss her off.

  • Coco Ritter

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Not only does the cold doesn’t seem to bother this character, she actually loves it! Coco Ritter is a magic casting character who specializes in Ice spells. Also, she loves penguins!

  • Hane

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Hane is another character who uses the Bow. What’s interesting is that she can fire ice arrows which are kind of a dope attack. To add, she can also bring the rain down on you, but with arrows.


  • Huma

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Huma is a female defender who prides herself in initiating and defending herself as well as others. Though shields are used for defense, Huma uses them as an offensive weapon especially when she converts the shield into a Fire Axe.

  • Karasuma

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The quick and cunning assassin, Karasuma. He will punish you and purify you from your sins with his deadly dual blades. Karasuma is just too fast to handle!

  • King

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How do we let people know that a character is strong? Let’s name him KING! If King is in a bad mood, he’ll beat you up so bad nobody is ever gonna be able to recognize your face.

  • Meryl

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When things go south, you can always rely on Meryl to save the day. Meryl is an introvert who likes to keep to herself. Only a few knows this, but Meryl had been to the most dangerous missions and came out alive by just using her sword.

  • Samir

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Samir is a deadly assassin who wields Electric Dual Guns to scare the hell out of her enemies. Though she looks as if she’s about to kill all of us, Samir is fun to be with and loves to jest around with his friends.

  • Shiro

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Shiro has a very tough and resilient weapon called the Wheel Blade. Additionally, She’s a scientist who can craft almost anything!

  • Zero

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This computer genius looks very young but has already accomplished so much. He’s witty, prideful, and very competent. To top it all off, he can put you on fire by just negating his Fire Cube.

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