We will attempt to provide a thorough analysis of each character in the Tower of Fantasy Global version, along with a Tier List (PvP) ranking. If you have any suggestions for characters on the list that we should raise or demote, please comment. Enjoy!

You will participate in combat with other players as one of the Simulacra, sometimes referred to as Mimics, in both the PvP and PvE modes of the video game Tower of Fantasy. While some Tower of Fantasy Characters are strong in all game types and don’t require a partnership to perform at their best, others are stronger when coupled with specific people or need it.

Tower of Fantasy: PvP Tier List Explained

Using our list of them, you can decide which Tower of Fantasy Mimics is the best for PvP. Let’s have a look at the ranking guidelines or Tier rating guide before moving on to the Tower of Fantasy Mimics Tier list.

    • A – VERY GOOD
    • B – GOOD
    • C – FAIR
    • D – OKAY
    • E – POOR


  • Available at certain times of the day in Tower of Fantasy.
  • A 1v1 battle.
  • An arena that shrinks over time.
  • With a time limit.
  • 2 maximum lives.
  • The first person to slay the opponent twice wins.

Rewards: (End of Season)

  • Rank up points
  • Achievements
  • Dark Crystals
  • Mounts
  • Cosmetics

Tower of Fantasy – PvP Tier List



  • One of the best PVP characters in Tower of Fantasy.
  • She is incredibly strong for a few reasons:
    • She has a holding move that will allow you to drain your stamina to deal massive damage to the enemy’s stamina gauge. Once you deplete their stamina gauge, they will be stunned for about 3-4 seconds allowing you to do full damage.
    • Has a powerful skill that will allow you to launch wind ice slashes that will do a ton of damage and depletes their stamina gauge. (melee range)
    • A passive skill with an HP shield whenever you switch to a weapon. You can switch weapons before engaging to give her a shield.
    • Her ultimate move is probably one of the best in the game for PVP. You can freeze for a brief moment your enemy and lock them down in your frozen arena. They cannot dodge and they are slowed. They will try to run and get out of your ice arena but will have difficulty doing so because you are constantly hitting them with powerful moves and heavy attack combos.


  • He is a fire weapon. He procs the fire elemental special when he fills up his gauge will reduce healing on the target and deal damage over time.
  • His skill will shield you along with increasing your attach and bolstering your damage.
  • His ultimate also does the same thing and creates a giant shockwave that does a huge chunk of damage as well as shields you. Combo it with healing weapons, and you will be unstoppable.


  • Fire-shield/axe. This weapon is really strong because the shield form has a couple of mini stuns with the dodge attack. Including the ultimate discharge allowing you to switch to the Axe form which deals massive damage.
    • The ultimate will leave a huge ring of fire in the arena. If opponents step on the ring of fire, they will receive continuous damage. Triggering the ring will deal a huge chunk of damage.

Coco Ritter

  • Frost staff. You can create a combo with 2-3 attacks plus holding a trigger that lifts your opponent into the air which is sort of a stun.
  • Enemies are going to be lifted up into the air and land back down. You can do this infinitely until you deplete your stamina.
  • Has a healing field that generates itself.
  • Healing bees that fly with you when you dodge-attack.
  • Every single attack freezes the opponent.



  • Ice/bow weapon. You can use her as a harasser by maximizing her range output to be effective.
  • You can charge some shots and launch across the battlefield while kiting.
  • Her skill is very strong, shooting 3 arrows out in a forward direction allowing you to leap back. Hits hard if enemies received all 3 arrows.
  • Her ultimate is arrow shower on a specific area. If your opponent is in that area, they will get frozen and receive continuous damage. Just be mindful that this ultimate is dodgeable.
  • Player Mechanics will make Tsubasa shine for sure.


  • Has interesting gameplay. Her discharge skill is very strong but has a tendency to be very hard to aim which causes paralyzing effects on enemies.
  • Her skill creates a little gravity area that causes little damage.
  • The Dodge attack of Samir is special this lunges your enemies onto the air if you predict their positioning and you can rain them down with your arrows.
    • You can slam them to the ground which will knock them away and they will be forced to land on the ground.
    • If you predict what they do next, you can pick them up again with the same combo.
  • Can definitely harass with her dual pistols.
  • Player Mechanics will make Samir shine for sure.


  • Has a lot of auto attacks with good at shattering shields. She will be throwing rings around you and you will start to notice your HP depleting.
  • Her ultimate creates a ring of spiral blades that spin around. If enemies are trapped in this, they will surely be defeated easily.
  • You can do some tricks to pull this off as the arena shrinks so this ability can be very powerful.



  • Frost/Hammer weapon. Has a few combos in PVP.
  • Dodge attack spam is notable. Whenever you press the skill, you will create a sort of wind updraft and if you dodge while you’re in that updraft you consume no dodge gauge. You can spam this one.
    • Keep in mind that you need to predict enemy movement for this to be effective.
  • Her discharge skill has a freeze and guaranteed hit.
  • Has a lot of Crowd Control abilities.
  • Can be better for good players.


  • Thunder/Halberd weapon. Has a lot of combos that turned out to be good in PVP.
  • You can launch opponents into the air with the skill and follow up with the long combo then drive them to the ground with the aerial crash.
  • Can destroy shields, especially with its Ultimate which launches you to the air and throw a javelin down that deals massive damage to stamina and life gauge.
  • The combo is pretty hard to master but can be very powerful for good players.



  • The lightning daggers. Not the best but also not the worst. This specific character has a lot of trouble tracking, targeting, and hitting enemies.
  • A lot of his damage bonuses and attacks have to come from behind which is very difficult to do in PvP especially when your opponent is well aware of Crow’s capabilities.
    • Players in PVP are well obviously super dodgy and you might not be able to hit your target consistently.
    • With a lot of stuns and other skills to consider like immunities, Crow will not be able to utilize all his abilities.
  • Has some powerful ultimate and skill abilities but they’re just not going to be as impressive as the other characters.


  • Not that great in PVP. A lot of his moves are slow and most skills needed the enemies to be still which is not ideal on PVP.
  • Has good shield/armor breaks. This skill is super strong if you know how to use him.
  • Can counter to destroy shields of enemies.
  • No true follow-up combos or stuns.



  • Lightning/Healing Staff weapon. Good option if you don’t have Coco or Zero.
  • It does the same style of auto-attack that Coco Ritter has which deals electric damage.
  • Its healing effect is on the ground only and does not follow you.
  • A weak version of Coco Ritter.


Bai Ling

  • Physical/bow weapon. Has no stun and headshots do not work on PVPs.
  • Rain of arrows skill but without freeze.


  • Ice/Gattling gun weapon. Using turret-mode makes you vulnerable.
  • Shoots with a laser that lowers the ice resistance of opponents which is hard to pull off.

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