Tower of Fantasy: Region Release Schedule + Pity System Explained

Tower of Fantasy will be released this August in most of the regions around the world and in this article, we will show the schedule and a brief explanation of how the Pity System works, so stay tuned! The release of Tower of Fantasy is receiving a lot of hype. Tower of Fantasy is a Gacha MMORPG that is free to play and visually similar to Genshin Impact.

It has more than 4 million pre-registered participants. You must be aware of the precise Tower of Fantasy launch schedule for your location in order to become a Wanderer/Traveler(LOL!) sooner rather than later.

Tower of Fantasy: Region Release Schedule

In August 2022, Tower of Fantasy, a brand-new open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), will be made available worldwide. Although the game was already released in China in December of last year, Hotta Studio is aiming for a worldwide release.

  • ANDROID & iOS Schedule are as follows:




AUGUST 11, 2022 17:00 (AET) Australia
09:00 (CEST) Europe
08:00 (BST) UK
03:00 (ET) US East
00:00 (PT) US West
    1. You must preload Tower of Fantasy on your Android or an iOS smartphone in order to play this new Gacha game at the time of your region’s debut.
    2. Preload for mobile devices begins on August 9, 2022. After preloading the game, you can relax and anticipate Tower of Fantasy’s scheduled global debut.

  • PC (Epic and Steam)

    • The creators haven’t given a specific day or time; all they’ve said is that the launch on Steam and Epic will happen later than on other platforms. Once the precise launch hours and dates for PC players are known, we’ll do our best to keep you informed.

Tower of Fantasy: Pre-load

  • On August 11th, 2022, Perfect World’s Tower of Fantasy, a free-to-play MMORPG, will finally go global. The hype around Tower of Fantasy may cause many players to want to know how to preload the game and when to begin the download.
  • This Gacha game has generated a lot of interest, as seen by the nearly 4 million users who have already pre-registered. It has a wide range of playable characters, hack and slash combat, anime aesthetics, and Sci-Fi aspects.

    1. Through the links below, you must pre-register for Android or iOS in order to preload Tower of Fantasy.
    2. You can relax while you wait for the preload time to start after pre-registering for Tower of Fantasy.
    3. You may choose to Auto-download the Tower of Fantasy preload by checking the settings for automatic downloads on your Android or iOS device.
      • On Android and iOS devices, the download should begin immediately when the Tower of Fantasy preload time arrives in your area.
      • Visit the game’s page on the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store to manually begin the download if you haven’t enabled automatic downloading.


Prepare at least 4GB of space to download Tower of Fantasy for iOS and Android.

  • Pre-registration Rewards:



10 Black Nucleus
20 Gold Nucleus
10 Red Nucleus
500 Dark Crystal
14,000 Gold
Limited title and avatar frame
Jetpack skin (limited)
Limited Costume
Limited Vehicle
Pieces of food
  • With the aid of these rewards, you can acquire Simulacrum via the gacha system, giving you an advantage over other players on Day 1.
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Tower of Fantasy: Pity System Explained

Tower of Fantasy’s global launch is just a few days away, and players couldn’t be more eager to enter Aida’s world and battle as both their own fully customizable characters while adopting the appearance of many of the game’s cast members.

In spite of their rarity, the game’s incredibly friendly Pity System will give you a decent chance to stock up on your favorites. Here is all the information you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy Pity System.

Pity System

  • In Gacha games, the Pity System makes a promise that players will be able to obtain a unit or item of the desired rarity after a predetermined number of draws.
  • For instance, in Genshin Impact, the pity window for a 5-star unit or weapon stops at 90, thus if you haven’t yet been successful in obtaining one, you are assured of getting one on your 90th pull.

In-depth: Tower of Fantasy Pity System

  • When compared to the Pity Systems found in most Gacha games, Tower of Fantasy’s Pity System is currently incredibly accessible, as players are assured of receiving an SR or SSR weapon at every 10 pulls on the game’s Gold-standard and limited banners and an SSR weapon at every 80 pulls
    • In Tower of Fantasy, you pull for weapons rather than characters because all SR and SSR weapons will come with their Simulacrum or character.
    • Unlike Genshin Impact, receiving an SSR before completing 80 pulls will not cause the counter to reset, ensuring that you will receive an SSR unit at that point regardless of how your earlier pulls turned out.
    • Both Characters/Weapons and Matrixes will be available for pulling by players, but unlike the Character banners, the Pity for Matrix banners will be set at 40 pulls.
    • It’s also crucial to mention that the pull count in Tower of Fantasy will remain between Special Orders.
  • Guaranteed pulls:
    • Every 10 pulls = SR/SSR
    • 80 pulls = SSR
    • 40 pulls = Featured Matrix

You may also check all known characters thus far in the Tower of Fantasy HERE. Enter the fictional planet of Aida, where you and other players will construct a new universe. The names of the characters had previously been announced to the gaming world. They are now out on the globe conquering MMOs as a result.

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