South Korea’s Itaewon Tragedy witnessed numbers nearing one lakh gathered in the commercial area of Seoul. The tragedy has brought as many as 156 confirmed deaths with 176 non-fatal injuries to the gathered ones. The stampede occurred when people took to the streets to celebrate Halloween. As such, Netflix has delayed the release of the anime adaptation of the famous Lookism Webtoon. 

What is the Itaewon Tragedy on 29th October?

Itaewon Tragedy
Crowds are seen around the area, where dozens of people suffered cardiac arrest, in the popular nightlife district of Itaewon in Seoul on October 30, 2022. – Dozens of people suffered from cardiac arrest in the South Korean capital Seoul, after thousands of people crowded into narrow streets in the city’s Itaewon neighbourhood to celebrate Halloween, local officials said. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP)

South Korea’s latest restriction lifting Covid-19 made all the enthusiasts who had been pinned in their homes for a long come out to the streets. As the crowds started rising in number, a huge stampede occurred.

The demographics of the ones who were hurt mainly contained young people nearing their 20s. In what is South Korea’s most tragic incident in years, the stampede also consumed actor Lee Ji-han. Lee was also a K-Pop singer at an age of 24.

Itaewon Tragedy delays Lookism Anime premiere

Lookism Anime Delayed
via Koreatimes
  • Studio Mir, responsible for the making of Lookism Anime confirmed the delay of the anime adaptation of the famous webtoon. The studio took to its Twitter account to share the same.

The original date of release for Lookism Anime was November 4. Netflix delayed the premiere of the webtoon’s anime adaptation as an obligation to mourn for the ones who passed in the heinous tragedy. Around 156 individuals died in the massive stampede and overcrowded tragedy on October 29th,

The police have been heavily criticized for their lack of crowd control. The reports mention that the local police station reported having to deal with nearby protests for which the Itaewon handling was delayed.

Lookism Anime Adaptation is something to look out for

Lookism Webcomic Anime
via the official Netflix Trailer of Lookism
  • Lookism is a popular webtoon written and illustrated by Park Tae-joon. In 2014, South Korean webcomic distributor and online platform Webtoon published the Manhwa on their sites.
  • The Lookism Manhwa Anime Adaptation is a joint effort between Korea’s Studio Mir to incorporate Japanese animation styles into their adaptation. The series is therefore a Netflix-distributed Anime series.

What story does Lookism Webcomic tell?

  • Lookism tells the story of Park Hyung Seok who is fat, impoverished, and bullied. He works part-time at a store and has to rely on his mother who does menial labor. The story takes a turn when he one day gets a new body, chiseled and toned with lean muscle and beautiful skin.
Lookism Manhwa
via the official Netflix Trailer of Lookism
  • The protagonist ventures into a world full of bullies and a criminal underworld as he rises to the top of the social ladder. The dynamic between him and his mother is especially enticing.

How has the Itaewon tragedy affected South Korea?

Tragedy of Itaewon

President Yoon Suk-yeol declared that the nation will observe a week-long mourning period. The 156 dead contained within the number 19 foreign tourists. The overcrowding in the alleyways outside Hamilton Hotel caused many injuries.

Lookism Anime Itaewon Tragedy
via the official Netflix Trailer of Lookism

Itaewon witnessed multiple deaths due to cardiac arrest as ambulances piled up in an effort to maintain the situation. Friends and families are worried sick for the ones who were enticed by the overcrowding. Death by overcrowding may feel foreign to the western populace other than maybe in concerts. The local police expected a gathering of 100,000. The actual numbers superseded even that and were bound to cause some mishaps.

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