Transfer From Pokemon GO To Pokemon Home Will Cost You PokeCoins

Pokemon GO fans are once again disappointed in Niantic’s questionable monetization methods. For you to transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home, you’ll have to spend PokeCoins.

PokeCoins can be earned from Pokemon Gyms, but are very limited. PokeCoins are a restricted in-game currency and you can earn only 50 PokeCoins a day if you grind for it. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay real-life money to buy PokeCoins.

“I play Pokemon Go every day as [it] is and [have] already paid for a year of [Pokemon] Home,” writes a ResetEra user MykonosFan. “Why on earth do I have to pay more?

“I’m still on the Pokemon grind in PoGo to expand my storage slots. I don’t wanna distract from that process for a feature in a service I already paid for and feel a bit burned on.”

Another user suggested Niantic should have offered a limited transfer per day for free instead. Putting the entire transfer feature behind a complicated system would disappoint a lot of players.

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