Treyarch 2024 Call of Duty – What We Know So Far + Leaks

Treyarch 2024 Call of Duty - What We Know So Far + Leaks

Just recently, leaks have been spreading over the internet about the next Call of Duty game to be released by Treyarch in 2024. We here at Spiel Times will be sharing all that we know so far as well as all the leaks mentioned!

Call of Duty Series

For the Call of Duty series, it is relatively expected for things to be leaked and teased before release. However, this usually happens when it’s officially announced or released. It is surprising for leaks to come out for a game to be released two years from now. More so, a game with no title confirmed even.

Treyarch 2024 Call of Duty - What We Know So Far + Leaks
Image Sourced from Call of Duty Official Website.

Earlier this year, the company Infinity Ward announced a new game featuring Task Force 141 again. This latest title would be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, also known as Call of Duty 2024,  and is set to be a highly anticipated game. With the success of the previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game released in 2019, many look forward to the sequel.

The success of these games spawned a new game titled, Call of Duty: Warzone, which is free-to-play. It ended up being a great success and gave new life to the battle royale genre. Following that, an upcoming mobile version is in the works named Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.  It is from this game where the leaks are coming from.

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The Leaks

With the upcoming Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile in the works, the developers released alpha tests for the game. This resulted in some of the gameplay and the leaks of some details publicly. Around a week ago, another update was released, adding bug fixes and some new items. However, data miners found something else entirely.

They had found in the game, images of a Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer as well as concept art for a Black Ops 6 game.

Treyarch 2024 Call of Duty - What We Know So Far + Leaks
Image Screenshot from Twitter Account of Leaker RealiityUK.

A user named RealiityUK is the person behind the leaks on Twitter. As of the moment, his account had been suspended most likely due to his leak.

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Modern Warfare 2 Map Leaks

There are quite a bit of map images for this leak so let’s go through them one by one.

This map is called Grand Prix and it is to be set in Asia. This was also confirmed as an official map earlier in June as part of the game’s reveal.

The map Oilfield is the next one. It appears to have a desert setting and an oilfield setting.

Named Museum, this map takes place in an urban area and will most likely revolve around multi-level, indoor-outdoor combat.

This map is named, Saba, and shares its name with a   map codename for Warzone 2 Map as well.

The last map is called Farm 18. No screenshot has been made available at the moment. It appears to take place in an agricultural center of sorts and may possibly be abandoned.

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Ground War Map Leaks

Ground wars is a game mode that is similar to conquest matches. In addition, it features a large battlefield with vehicles used for both transportation and combat. You focus on capturing and defending control points.

It was also confirmed by Infinity Ward that swimming will be a feature supported by the engines in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Expect water areas in these upcoming maps!

The first Ground War map that was leaked is a map called Hydro. It appears to have a large body of water along with a rocky desert landscape.

Fishtown, the next map, takes places place by the bay and shoreline of a fishing town with a lighthouse.

This third Ground War map called Sira looks to take place in an urban area. No details have been released yet so far.

It was also mentioned that these Ground War maps will be merged together to form the new base map for Warzone 2.

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Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Map Codenames

The original leaker was also able to find a list of the codenames of the Multiplayer maps in the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer. Some of the codenames here are familiar as well. They also appear in the previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2019.

Action_park, dogtown lighthouse salvage
agentperf esports gym luxury tokyo
ancient exhume mountain town yellow castle
backstab favela narcos Hydro
Catedral firing range oilfield Museum
climb floating bay ridge Swap Meet
cruce grand prix runner Fishtown
davos killhouse saba farm


Quite an interesting lineup for maps for the incoming game. It also features one called “esports gym” which may take place in an urban esports environment. No screenshots have been released yet, so for now we can only speculate.

Treyarch 2024 Call of Duty - What We Know So Far + Leaks
Image Sourced from Call of Duty Official Website.
Game Modes

Here are the data-mined Game Modes for the multiplayer maps.

  • “Bounty”
  • “Free Roam”
  • “Knock Out” – Eliminate the opposing team or hold on to the ‘cash’ before time runs out.
  • “Ground War Bomb”
  • “Ground War AI”
  • “Prisoner Rescue” – Take turns rescuing the hostages on the map level.
  • “Invasion” – Hold down the frontline and take down the invading enemy team.

These are the perks that were data-mined as well by user RealiityUK on Twitter. It is unconfirmed if these are all of them or only a portion.

Amped high alert scavenger extra tactical
engineer overkill shrapnel focus
restock battle-hardened cold-blooded hustle up
ghost kill chain pitcher tune up

These are some killstreak reward codenames that were found in the leaked data.

  • “circle peek”
  • counter UAV
  • cluster strike
Field Upgrades

For the field upgrades, these are codenames that were found in the leaked data.

  • armor box
  • support box
  • “sonar pulse”
  • “tactical cam”
  • deployable cover
  • stopping power
  • “dead silence”

These Tactical grenades and equipment codenames were confirmed to be part of the incoming Modern Warfare 2 game. The following codenames are:

  • Flare
  • Shock Stick
  • Trophy
  • Decoy Grenade

Last but not the least, Lethals. This type of throwable equipment has a few confirmed codenames in the leaks: These are the following:

  • AT mine
  • Molotov
  • Claymore
  • “soscar knife” (not clarified)
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New Game Mode: DMZ

An upcoming fourth game mode has been leaked for Modern Warfare 2. This new game mode has yet to be explained in depth but key art is also featured in the leaks. It is expected to be discussed further by the 1st quarter of 2023.

This game is supposedly similar to an Escape from Tarkov – style experience. It is expected to see gamers will see players on a large map traversing the terrain doing their objectives. They will need to acquire loot while avoiding rival teams of soldiers along the way. And to win they must successfully extract from their map their loot and spoils of battle.

Some details included in the leak are as follows.


For this new mode DMZ, here are the Maps and Locations listed for play. Some of these are not yet confirmed and only have a placeholder name.

  • Fortress
  • Hydro (Apt., Storage, Weapondrop)
  • Quarry (Control, Office, Storage)
  • Resort
  • “Trapper”
  • “gas_station”
  • “train”
  • “sam_site”
  • RHIB – A boat-like vehicle
  • SUV 1996 – a car, similar to an SUV
  • JLTV – a truck-like vehicle
Challenges / Missions:
Gone in 60 seconds: Be in the steering position of a vehicle for a full minute within one round of DMZ.
Breach and Clear: Kill 5 AI within 10 seconds of bashing a door.
Dom: Upload the hard drive data.
Survive: Defend the stash.
Rescue hostage: Secure the hostage.
Deliver Cargo: Deliver the cargo to the HLZ.
Elimination: Eliminate the HVT.
Secure Radioactive Material:  Find radioactive cache # remaining.
Destroy Supplies: Destroy two supply sites.
Hunt PMC Unit: Eliminate the target PMC Unit.
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Modern Warfare 2 Available Guns

The recent leak was able to show what kind of firepower we should be expecting for the game. While most of these are only just codenames, some are also familiar names from previous titles.

The leaks are listed per Gun-type so we will have a good idea of what to expect overall in terms of variety.

Assault Rifle akilo, kilo53, kilo74, kilo105, mcharlie, mcbravo, M4 , scharlie, schotel, falpha, fecho, Aug, STG A3
Sniper / Marksman Rifle LM-S, sa700, AX-50
SMG Lachmann Sub, alpha57, beta, victor, aviktor, PSDW 50, mpapax, Sakin 9, LMP
Shotgun Bryson 800, mike1014, mkviktor, Lockwood 725
LMG RAAL, ahotel, foxtrot, Bruen MK9, ngolf7, rkilo, mkilo3, kilo21
Pistol X12, Revive Pistol, .50 GS, papa220, siwhiskeyLaunchers: mike203, RPG7, PILA, JOKR, Strela-P

Modern Warfare 2 Operators

An Operator is a playable character in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. In the recent leak, some of the details included names of confirmed Operators for Modern Warfare 2. Here are their names:

  • Gunnar
  • Fendar
  • Chili
  • Hutch
  • Kilgore
  • Stiletto
  • Calisto
  • Shadow Company
  • Mil-Sim

As of the moment, Activision has not yet released a statement regarding the releases. However, what you can expect is a generous usage of DMCA Takedowns on any of the content posted by data miners.

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…And that’s all that we’ve heard about this breaking news of gaming so far. As for the credibility of the leaks, most of these have been cross-checked with existing game files.

So there is a good chance that what we see is all authentic. However, remember that what might be shown here can still drastically change due to the game being in development.

Image Sourced from Call of Duty Official Website.

Keep in mind that these leaks may only just be the beginning. There may be more leaks in the following days or even the next few hours. So for now we here at SpielTimes will be watching and waiting for the latest news to come.

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If you have any questions regarding the Call of Duty series or any upcoming FPS games, feel free to drop them in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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