Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is due for release on October. The developers are yet to publicly reveal the game and release vital information regarding its various aspects.

But we all know that Treyarch is the thug on the street.  Only a few days remain till Black Ops 4 is publicly disclosed. But it seems that nothing is stopping the developers from teasing the audience with little cryptic tweets.

A few days ago, Treyarch tweeted out, responding to a particular individual with a picture which could only be perceived as the Pick 10 Multiplayer Mode with the message: ‘We give this post a 10/10’.

Exuberant fans immediately concluded that the developers was teasing the revival of the Pick 10 Multiplayer Mode which had been there in Black Ops 2.

A similar incident was reported today. This time an individual tweeted out at Treyarch asking about the perk system: ‘When I heard about a new black ops I was pumped. Now that I’m learning more, I’m nervous. I read they are taking perks and scorestreaks away?? Idk. Bad vibes.’ 

Treyarch replied with a witty comment: ‘Don’t worry, we know some people . . . which has its perks. . .’

This is a clear indication that the perk system will stay, perhaps for a long time. Or is it?

We will find out sooner or later when the studio reveals it publicly on the 17th of May.

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