Trinity Gaming Joins Hands with Blind Esports in South India

Trinity Gaming Joins Hands with Blind Esports in South India

Esports is the new cool in the world of entertainment as well as sports as it beautifully integrates the two. In India, Esports is still a lesser-known phenomenon but its rising at a rapid rate. Tournaments of games like BGMI, Valorant, Call of Duty, and Free Fire have really boosted the Indian Esports market. There are now loads of content creators who take part in such Esports tournaments. But they need a lot of support to survive through gaming. Trinity is one of such companies these days which provide this kind of support to the gamers.

Trinity Gaming’s New Partner

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It is India’s top gaming talent management company which helps beginners to make a career out of their passion for gaming. It was founded in 2019 when the gaming market in India started opening itself to new possibilities. In these two years, the Indian gaming market has seen a huge increase. The need for organizations like Trinity has increased.

They already manage 250 + content creators in India who act as influencers and entertainers in the gaming market. Now they have decided to partner up with the biggest Esports organization in southern India – Blind Esports. They aim to provide the best talent management services to players and content creators attached to Blind Esports. Trinity seeks to create opportunities to connect these players with brands so that they can earn from their passion.

“We are extremely delighted to have professional players of Blind Esports on board as it will open more opportunities not only for the esports team but also for Trinity Gaming as we will be able to explore deeper bonds in the southern part of India as an agency,” said Abhishek Aggarwal, the CEO of Trinity Gaming.

Blind Esports

Blind Esports was also founded in 2019 with the aim of gathering the best players and becoming the best Esports team in the country. Currently, their team consists of many players and content creators of many different games including BGMI, and Call of Duty. They were the champions of BGMI titles in Thug Invitational, Nimo TV Cup, and KPL Season 3.

Blind Esports were also the finalists in PMCO Fall Split 2019, Free Fire titles in FFCO 2021, and Booyah Summer League 2021. They also finished fourth in the India Cup Open in Call of Duty Mobile. So, they have some really talented players who can use this help; they seem to be really excited about it.

Blind Satan, the owner of Blind Esports stated, “We have always been aiming to partner with an esports talent management sector to provide better opportunities to our players and we are delighted that Trinity Gaming would be helping us in carrying forward that vision for our team. We aim to create a national footprint for ourselves and our players and creators.”

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