Trot singer HAESOO dies due to suicide
trot singer HAESOO (Image via Twitter)

Content Warning: Mentions of suicide or self-harm.

On May 13, Korean news outlets reported that police had found a singer’s body in her room, but they refused to identify the demised due to ongoing investigations. However, they did share findings of a suicide note and the absence of any foul play. Korean trot singer HAESOO’s death at the age of 29 from suicide shocks netizens.

YTN confirmed the tragic death of trot singer HAESOO on May 15 due to suicide by sharing that her appearance at a music festival on May 20 is canceled. The news shocked Trot fans, and they paid tribute to the rising singer from her fan cafe.

Fans and acquaintances of HAESOO expressed their concerns after she went suspiciously missing

On May 13, fans and acquaintances of HAESOO shared messages through the fan cafe and Instagram. They reported that they couldn’t reach the trot singer and were concerned for her wellbeing, especially after the reports of trot singer “A’s” death went viral.

  • Fans made posts and left comments wishing peace on HAESOO’s Instagram, which is currently turned off. Her acquaintances also expressed their shock by commenting, “Haesoo, the news isn’t about you, right? Please reply or message me,” and “Ara, my beloved friend Ara. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you [during your hardships],” but HAESOO didn’t response.
  • Korean media outlet Star News Korea also tried to contact the singer amid rising rumors via a call. However, they only heard dial tones as neither the singer nor anyone else picked up the calls. Later it was confirmed that HAESOO passed away in her room due to suicide.

HAESOO was a rising trot singer with a major in traditional Korean music

HAESOO, born in December 1993, debuted in 2019 and was a rising talent in the Trot music industry due to her notable singing. She was garnering fans through her debut single album, My Life, Me (내 인생 내가). As per reports, she was becoming more well-known among trot listeners through her appearances on the famous shows The Trot Show, AM Plaza, and Gayo Stage.

  • Her second single album Ggongmuni released in 2021, and she also appeared in MBC’s Hangout with Yoo alongside Yoo Jae-Suk. After finishing the rehearsal for her debut, HAESOO briefly appeared on the MBC’s broadcast, handing over her CD to Yoo Jae-suk, sharing her happiness, “I made my debut today.”
Trot singer Haesoo dies from suicide
HAESOO appearing on Hangout With Yoo (Image via YouTube)
  • There isn’t much information regarding trot singer HAESOO before her debut. However, according to Kpop Reporter, she majored in pansori for her bachelor’s degree from the Korean National University of Arts. She aspired to follow a career in traditional Korean music.
  • However, she was inspired to give trot music a chance after listening to Joo Hyun-Mi. Her stage name HAESOO, meaning ‘as deep and bright as the sea.’ We send our prayers and deepest condolences to the family, loved ones, and fans of HAESOO. May she rest in peace.

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