Turkey Syria Earthquake survivors rescue death toll
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Turkey and Syria continue rescue operations for survivors of the earthquake; Reports claim it’s the worst earthquake of a decade as the death toll rises.

Latest update on the Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake on Monday, Turkey and Syria are fighting a battle to rescue survivors every minute. The rescue teams are on the run and help is arriving from other nations as well. According to reports, this is the worst earthquake of a decade as the death toll keeps rising.

  • The stadium in Turkey is packed with tents of people who survived the devastating earthquake and lost their homes. Some are finding shelter in cars as they await any news about their beloved. However, the golden time of rescuing is ending soon and it is a race against time now.

  • Following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake and multiple aftershocks, the management of survivors and injured in need of rescue and medical care is growing in numbers. Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan admits their country wasn’t prepared for a disaster of this level. In this devastating time, many countries are pledging to provide help.

  • Countries such as Algeria, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Malaysia, the U.S., and more provided humanitarian aid, donations, and medical and rescue teams. The European Union and Islamic countries of the middle east also provided their assistance in rescuing. The neighboring country Greece with whom the political relations remain in diplomatic struggle is also providing necessary help.
Turkey Syria Earthquake survivors death toll rescue
Image courtesy of The Guardian
  • In an earthquake, the crucial time for rescuing is the first 24 hours. Following it the next week is very important for finding survivors as the expectancy of survivors lowers each day. While the rising death toll in Turkey and Syria provides the image of the depth of the ill effects of the disaster, and the number of survivors is growing as well.

Total number of survivors and its aftermath

Rescuing the survivors from the rubble after an earthquake is a battle against time. The people stuck within fallen structures can get further injuries from the aftershocks. The rescue team also needs to plan to handle the openings for the rubble carefully to not injure any more victims while reaching out to them asap.

  • The official number of survivors isn’t verified yet. However, there are more than 8000 people who survived the disaster and the rescue teams are searching for thousands with more swiftness as time progresses. In light of more challenges awaiting the aftermath of the disaster, many Arab countries have reached out as a host.

Experts’ opinions about the process of rescuing and survivor rate

According to the Times of India, the survival of victims depends on many conditions, including injuries, availability of oxygen, and weather. The wintery cold of Turkey and Syria is a challenge currently with the temperature falling below -5 celsius.

  • Emergency specialists say cases of survivors after the 7-day mark is rare although there are some cases of medical miracles where victims survive past the one-week mark. The factors affecting the chances of survival include age, health conditions, and mental conditions.

  • The people suffering from crushes or amputations after the falling of debris have low chances of survival. People who face prior health concerns will face more difficulty to survive. Moreover, mental condition and hope affect a lot more than one would think.
  • People may lose hope of survival due to being near another deceased victim or codependent with another victim. However, there have been cases where young people survived way past the 7-day mark due to finding a pocket in the rubble with access to air, water, and hope. 
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More News Summaries of the Turkey and Syria earthquake

  • The political environment doesn’t stop even during the disaster. Oppositions in Turkey accuse President Erdogan of incapability and poor management.
  • Syria which was already facing a war is dealing with the hurdle of sending aid as the area is under government and rebel groups’ disputes about control aid in Northern Syria.
  • UNESCO is going to assist with two of the historical monuments listed in its world heritage list situated in Turkey and Syria. They will also assist more affected monuments by Monday’s earthquake.
  • Around 20 criminals break away from jail in North-West Syria due to riots following the earthquake. The jail is situated near the border of Turkey.
  • Foreign individuals, three British, four Australians, and One Indian are missing in the catastrophe. Foreign ministries are trying to find the whereabouts of others citizens affected by the earthquake.
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  • The 7.8 magnitude earthquake and its following tremors resulted in devastating life loss. In the latest reports from The Washington Post, the death toll has now risen to 15,000 with more than 400 collapsed buildings and thousands of structures affected in Turkey and Syria.

The world is praying for the deceased of the devastating disaster and the well-being of the survivors as Turkey and Syria continues their rescue operations. Stay tuned with Spiel Times for more latest updates from across the world.

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