Chris MrBeast BANTER podcast Karl effect kiss
Chris from MrBeast tests Karl effect (Image courtesy of BANTER podcast)

In a recent podcast interview, Chris Tyson from the MrBeast channel took a dig at ‘the Karl effect’ joke alongside Karl Jacobs. Chris even kissed Karl on the cheek to prove his point and laughed about ‘turning gay.’ The YouTubers appeared on the BANTER podcast, and their kissing clip immediately went viral on social media.

While most people seem to have laughed off the incident, Chris’ usual critics seem to have a field day over his ‘Karl effect’ kiss. Ever since his gender transition through HRT, Chris has been subject to a lot of transphobic slurs online. He opened up about his journey and how Jimmy Donaldson, AKA MrBeast, has been supportive throughout. 

Chris from MrBeast kisses Karl during an interview

Speaking to GeorgeNotFound SapNap on the BANTER podcast, Chris seemed to answer many looming questions about his recent gender change. Chris now identifies as a transgender person and prefers any pronouns. 

During this interview, Chris decided to address the elephant in the room and spoke about the ‘Karl Effect’ theory circulated online. He joked that if the effect is real, he would turn gay compared to his pansexual orientation.

Chris went on to kiss Karl on his cheek as the podcast hosts laughed throughout at the stunt. Karl appeared to be comfortable with the joke and did not mind the kiss from his friend and fellow MrBeast crew member. 

What does the ‘Karl effect’ mean on the internet?

MrBeast fans and followers would be well-versed with the term, ‘Karl effect.’ The theory existed for quite some time, ever since Karl Jacobs joined the MrBeast crew in 2020.

Urban Dictionary defines the Karl effect as someone becoming more ‘zesty’ after hanging out with Karl too much, referring to Chris here. The term ‘zesty’ is online slang for LGBTQ+ members.

Karl effect Chris MrBeast podcast kiss gay
Image courtesy of Urban Dictionary

While Karl is a recent addition to the team, he immediately became an important member and has featured in almost all MrBeast videos since. Before Chris Tyson’s transition, Karl was considered less masculine than other MrBeast crew members. 

This led people to believe that Karl was the one who brought about the gender change in Chris. In fact, the two of them are really good friends, and Karl Jacobs himself is on the asexual spectrum. 

Chris opens up about gender identity and MrBeast

During the BANTER podcast on May 10, Chris talked about how MrBeast has been aware of his gender identity for a long time and has been supportive. Chris mentioned that MrBeast found out about it in college and shared their feelings about not being ready to deal with it at that time. 

MrBeast responded that Chris should let him know whenever it becomes important. However, Chris didn’t inform MrBeast for several years. Even though Chris wasn’t always certain about the specific terms for his identity, he has always been sure that being a cis male is not correct for him.

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