TWICE Chaeyoung absent in READY TO BE Concerts in Philippines, Here’s Why

TWICE Chaeyoung absent in READY TO BE Concerts in Philippines

TWICE Chaeyoung will be missing the Philippine leg of the group’s READY TO BE concert tour due to health issues. JYP Entertainment announced that the singer-rapper couldn’t make it to the event, probably breaking a lot of ONCEs’ hearts.

TWICE Chaeyoung absent in READY TO BE Concerts in the Philippines

Just when fans are already preparing to witness TWICE’s live concert in the Philippines, one member will not make it to the two-day show on September 30 and October 1 at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Tzuyu are now in the country, but Chaeyoung will be sitting out, probably needing to stay in South Korea.

JYP released an official statement to address the issue, regretting to inform everyone that the 24-year-old couldn’t participate in the K-pop girl group’s live performance. “We convey this unfortunate news with a heavy heart as we know everyone was eagerly anticipating the show,” it said.

With this unfortunate turn of events, the label asked for everyone’s understanding as it came to this decision with very much consideration. If there’s one thing the company holds of utmost importance, it’s to protect its artists’ health.

“Thank you again for your anticipation and support for TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR “READY TO BE” – Bulacan, and we apologize for having to share this news once again,” JYP continued.

Here’s Why TWICE Chaeyoung Can’t Make it to READY TO BE Concerts in the Philippines

As JYP revealed, TWICE Chaeyoung couldn’t attend the READY TO BE concerts in the Philippines due to some health issues. However, the entertainment company didn’t reveal the specifics of its artist’s health concerns. In fact, music labels in South Korea rarely do so.

When their artists couldn’t make it to the event due to some health problems, they would only say it was because of “health issues.” Well, it’s their privacy, after all. They may also don’t want their fans to worry about their health.

But hopefully, Chaeyoung’s health condition isn’t serious, and she will be fine very soon and participate in TWICE’s next concert tour.

TWICE Chaeyoung’s Health Issues

This isn’t the first time TWICE Chaeyoung has missed a concert due to health concerns. In 2019, the hitmaker also missed the group’s first leg of Twicelights in Japan. At the time, she was said to be not feeling well and visited a hospital for a medical check-up.

Back then, JYP artists experienced health concerns one after another, resulting in a backlash that it might be overworking its talents. Before it announced Chaeyoung’s health issues, it revealed the same for GOT7’s Youngjae and Jackson. Amid the criticisms, the company swore to look after its artists’ health and ensure they would recover fully. Alternatively, the artists themselves had stressed that they were getting adequate rest despite their busy schedules.

If truth be told, the K-pop industry has been marred by K-pop stars’ health issues, from physical to mental concerns. In fact, this news isn’t new at all and has become a common problem amongst the artists. Hopefully, this will soon be changed.

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