Twisted Metal Remake: Sony Takes Over, Lucid Games Out

According to insiders, the developer for the Twisted Metal remake, which is expected to correspond with the TV show’s premiere dates, has changed. The game’s development has yet to be confirmed. However, speculations have it that it is in the hands of Lucid Games, the Liverpool studio behind Destruction All-Stars. However, it seems Sony will now take over the game remake.

Firesprite to take over?

  • As reported by VGC, the comeback of David Jaffe’s veteran vehicle combat tale will be built for the first time in Europe; without the cooperation of the game’s original inventor, something Jaffe has criticized.
  • Even so, the media has learned that the project has been stalled in Lucid; that the game has now been reassigned to one of Sony’s first-party studios in Europe. It is rumored that the game’s poor promotional reception and the limited Destruction All-Stars community were the catalysts for this change in direction.
  • The details do not specify which studio is in control of this new Twisted Metal. One of the most likely candidates is Firesprite, which was attained in September and is also based in Liverpool; the group was formed by former associates of SCE Studio Liverpool (Wipeout and Formula 1).

Twisted Metal PlayStation Productions

Live-Action Series

Anthony Mackie, well known for his Marvel Cinematic Universe role as Sam Wilson (Falcon), will play John Doe; an intriguing guy with no memory who strives to recollect his past through his tattoos in the Twisted Metal: Black and Twisted Metal: Lost video games.

  • We should assume a comedy with tons of dark humor and action. The narrative is authored by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who also wrote Deadpool and Zombieland.
  • Along with the Uncharted film and the HBO version of The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the first projects of PlayStation Productions; it will shortly be released in theaters.

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