Controversial Twitch streamer Nadia Amine has been banned (and quickly unbanned) from the platform. Best known for her Call of Duty gameplay, Nadia has been in the gaming community’s news for quite some time after accusations of cheating in Warzone

But was she banned from Twitch for cheating or was it something entirely different? Read to find out why Nadia’s channel was unavailable and what the streamer herself had to say about this situation.

Nadia Amine Twitch
Image courtesy of Nadia / YouTube

Nadia Amine’s Twitch ban

  • Since yesterday, her Twitch page had displayed the message: “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”
  • The ban was supposed to be 14 days long but was revoked within five hours leaving the gaming community clueless. 

  • The reasons are not yet clear enough for Nadia’s ban from Twitch, but it seems as if it had almost nothing to do with the cheating allegations leveled against her by the Call of Duty community.

Why did Twitch ban Nadia

  • Nadia was banned from Twitch for doxing. She revealed the full name of a donator on a stream which makes him vulnerable to viewers in real life.
  • The user who went by the tag Daddyslayer had shared a message to Nadia along with his donation. The message read, “Enjoy using cheats.” 

  • Nadia retaliated on her stream and claimed that PayPal donations revealed Daddyslayer’s full, real name and went on to swear at him multiple times.
  • Doxing of any kind is prohibited by Twitch’s Community Guidelines. If any personal information is revealed without the user’s consent, the platform can enforce a ban as it did with Nadia.

How did Nadia react

  • Nadia took to Twitter to clarify why she was banned and what she thought about it. Her tweet said she was banned for 14 days for “sharing personal information”.

  • Fellow streamers like Asmongold have called for a permanent Twitch ban on Nadia. He has even prompted his own followers to ‘bulk report’ her channel.

Warzone cheating allegations

  • Previously, Nadia had also been locked out of her Activision account and most of her followers believed that her ‘hackusations’ had finally caught up to her.

  • Nadia became popular after some YouTubers started accusing her of cheating in the game, claiming that she uses wallhacks and aimbots among other things.
  • The cheating allegations began after her poor performance at the LAN CODNext event where Warzone 2.0 was revealed. Nadia has continued to be invited to compete at Activision events despite the rise of criticism against her.
  • Earlier, Nadia had lashed out at these accusations, and this led to debate all around the Call of Duty community. Streaming big names like Ninja and Scump think the whole situation itself is a ‘genius move’ from Nadia.

Now that Nadia Amine’s ban has been revoked from Twitch, it’s interesting to see where she goes next. Whenever streamers return to a platform after being banned, they are welcomed with a big influx of new subscribers and followers. Nadia would look to capitalize on this situation too.

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