Twitch Streamer xQc Loses Over $800,000 After Gambling Site Glitch

Twitch Streamer xQc

Twitch streamer xQc seemed to make it big after setting a record of winning over $800,000 USD in his recent gambling stream. However, a site glitch caused xQc to lose his winnings moments after he just won them. Read on to find out more.

An ‘Internal Server Error’ cost Twitch streamer xQc some big winnings

In one of his recent streams, xQc was playing ‘The Wild Machine’, a virtual slot machine which has high stakes. After hours of streaming the gambling game, xQc suddenly hit a jackpot through the “Big Win”. The feat also gave xQc a world record since he was rewarded with $825,000 USD.

However, xQc made a fatal mistake when he pressed the refresh button on his browser so he could continue playing. Instead of being redirected back to the gambling game, the site crashed and xQc was met with a ‘500 Internal Server Error’ page.

Screengrab Courtesy of xQc via Twitch

It took xQc a while to process what had just happened. After expressing his upset and annoyance at his mistake, xQc quietly looked at the site error screen before composing himself and trying to cheer himself up.

Screengrab Courtesy of xQc via Twitch

In a moment of trying to be optimistic despite apparently losing nearly a million dollars, xQc claimed it ‘saved’ him. “I was gonna go back to Itero and it was gonna go one million downward trend without a single hint of a hit,” he explained.

Following the site glitch, he logged off of Stake and decided that was enough gambling for the night.

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xQc’s return to sponsored gambling streams caused a controversy across the streaming platform

The streamer is not a stranger to hosting gambling streams since aside from Stake, he also gambles in games like Grand Theft Auto V. However, xQc deciding to return to hosting gambling streams made fans and streamers alike either concerned for or angry at him.

Image Courtesy of xQcOW via YouTube

Months ago, xQc admitted that his gambling was becoming an addiction. In a podcast with Imane “Pokimane” Anys, he revealed just how much money he’s lost because of gambling.

“I lost $1.85 million USD this month,” according to xQc. Pokimane wasn’t shy to tell xQc that whenever he hosts gambling streams, it leaves a negative impact on his viewers. He also admitted that him gambling on streams was a bad thing and he also revealed that he would no longer be taking gambling sponsorships.

However, him playing ‘The Wild Machine’ on Stake meant that he was back to accepting gambling sponsorships. Although fans and some creators called out the streamer on why gambling is a bad thing, xQc’s viewership isn’t suffering as much and it’s likely he’ll continue to stream himself playing on gambling sites in the future.

Nonetheless, we hope this will serve as a lesson for those interested in trying out online gambling games.

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