In the most seasoned undertakings of Mr. Musk, we witness the overtaking of Twitter by a complete haul. With new policies for a verified mark costing $8 and many new standards with a reduction of 50% workforce, we ask a vital question. What exactly is the new Twitter Community Notes or Birdwatch and how it will function in the micro-blogging social media site?

What is Birdwatch?

Elon Musk Twitter Birdwatch Twitter Community Notes what is

Twitter launched a hub for information sharing. Named Birdwatch, the official description of it says that it will attempt to create a more informed world. Birdwatch is planned to be name changed to Community Notes.

How do Community Notes or Birdwatch Function?

The functioning of community notes is similar to what the name indicates. People can contribute by leaving notes on any Tweet and if enough contributors from different points of view feel that the note is helpful, the note will be attached to a Tweet.

  1. In basic, whenever one puts out a Tweet it will be liable to notes which are equivalent to comments. But comments in the form of notes. How this will be carried forward has not been specified.
  2. As things stand, Elon Musk himself said that whatever happens on Twitter from now on is a trial-and-error method. Some things will work and be kept and some things will be discarded.

How Birdwatch should function with an algorithm

  • Our guess? An algorithm will keep a measure of how relevantly helpful a note is. So for every Tweet, there can be a top note that many people agree to. This note will accurately represent the authenticity of the Tweet.
  • So if a Tweet says that The Rock is running for president, multiple sources will confirm the same. Whichever note is accepted by many as relevant will be attached to the Tweet.

Of course, how Twitter will measure the relevancy and authenticity of the note be a different thing. If people can simply like a note, will that account for its authenticity?  The Crux of Musk’s philosophy is a decentralized system for censoring. 

Twitter Community Notes / Birdwatch will be open-source

Elon Musk Twitter Freedom of Speech Birdwatch Community Notes
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“Birdwatch notes do not represent Twitter’s viewpoint and cannot be edited or modified by our teams. A Tweet with a Birdwatch note will not be labeled, removed, or addressed by Twitter unless it is found to be violating the Twitter RulesTerms of Service, or our Privacy Policy. Failure to abide by the rules can result in one’s removal from the Birdwatch pilot, and/or other remediations.” says Twitter’s official about page

This may feel traumatizing to some readers, but in principle, if this is carried on, it’s a good measure. This means that if someone goes spewing sh*t, the community can spew sh*t back in form of notes. These notes will be open-sourced and not categorized. As such, these notes will be the most valid authenticity check for the tweet.

The major obstacles to Twitter Birdwatch Or Twitter Community Notes

But its most obvious problems are the majority of brainwashing. Let’s say some person is spreading wild sh**. And that person has a large following, so the majority of their notes are being favored towards the person. Wouldn’t this make things worse?

In Musk’s idea, it probably means “let be“. Whatever has to manifest, it will. If someone is spreading misogynist ideas and there are notes empowering the same, then there just needs to be an equal movement against it.

The continuity of Twitter enforcement

  • Now mind you community intervention will still exist. More of how Twitter’s normal intervening policies and enforcement laws work in this new Twitter landscape needs more information. When I mention that anything can float on Twitter, I do not mean anything. I mean anything that otherwise falls within the possibility of acceptance.

  1. Twitter earlier banned individuals for a rising number of violating tweet contents. What changed now is that Twitter will take a tweet-by-tweet basis.
  2. Meaning they won’t directly move into banning a user simply because of his/her certain tweets. Although the possibilities seem dangerous, in the long run, it is more democratic.

Besides, even nation-states are not invulnerable to majority bias. In elections, it is quite normal for many to be washed by the promises of the candidates. Yet it is the freedom for each tweet and information to existing, without centralized authority, that sets the way for freedom of speech.

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