Twitter dubbed as the ‘New Netflix’, Here’s Why

Twitter allow sharing two 2 hours long video Tweetube

Twitter has undergone several changes since entrepreneur Elon Musk took the reins of the social networking platform. According to recent updates, Twitter will now allow users to share 2 hour-long videos with its new feature. The news received mixed responses from the users as many dubbed Twitter as New Netflix and New YouTube.

A year ago, Elon Musk shared his ideas for a ‘Twitter 2.0 The Everything App‘ and teased many features, including encrypted DMs and longer Tweets. He also changed the Legacy Blue Ticks into a Twitter Blue subscription and various other exclusive features. In his recent announcement, Elon Musk hinted toward a significant change in long-form video sharing.

Elon Musk announces Two-hour long video-sharing feature for Twitter Blue

Elon Musk announce Twitter new video sharing feature
Twitter on a device (Image via Canva)

On Thursday, May 18, Elon Musk took to Twitter to unveil the upcoming feature for Twitter Blue subscribers. Following new updates, subscribers can share long-form video content lasting up to 2 hours. In a Tweet, Musk shared, “Twitter Blue Subscribers can now upload two-hour long videos,” further announcing that they could be 8 GB.

  • The Tweet soon went viral and received mixed reactions from the users, some praised it, but it also sparked criticism. Many shared their excitement for sharing their vlogs or discovering lectures, coverage of cultural activities, DIY videos, etc. that will benefit from the long-form video-sharing feature. However, the reactions were mostly skeptical.
  • One of the users quickly made a satire by uploading Shrek 3 with the new feature dubbing Twitter as ‘New Netflix’. The video is currently unavailable due to copyright issues, but the action did establish the possibility of users discovering loopholes to pirate content.

  • Many users expressed that the new Twitter feature can help content creators share their longer content as opposed to TikTok and Instagram’s short-form reel videos. The content creators also shared their hopes of Twitter becoming a competition for YouTube dubbing it TweeTube. Meanwhile, some users uploaded a 2-hour-long loop video.

  • The users also expressed concerns about the content that people may use this new feature to upload, including NSFW videos. They further prompted who would want to watch a two-hour video on Twitter with low quality.
  • Overall, users expect to stumble across various two-hour videos ranging from speeches, podcasts, pirated content, and NSFW content. They also expect to find sports matches, music concerts, and music videos, among others.

More features upcoming for Twitter users and subscribers

Besides the ‘New Netflix’ long-form video-sharing feature, Elon Musk has also shared his plans to incorporate voice and video calls in the app. His tweet announcing the forthcoming feature stated, “Coming soon will be voice and video chat features from your handle to any user on this platform. So, you can [now] talk to people anywhere in the world without sharing their phone number.”

  • This development will bring Twitter close competition with Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, which already offer audio and video call functions. According to Elon Musk, Twitter aims to create a more interconnected social media ecosystem by introducing communication features. Furthermore, he strives to make Twitter a one-stop shop for all types of social networks.

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