Twitter: What happened to BTS Jin? | ARMYs demand HYBE for artists’ protection

Twitter: What happened to BTS Jin? | ARMYs demand HYBE for artists' protection

At midnight of KST, BTS Jin started trending on Twitter, with ARMYs demanding HYBE to protect their artists. A tip-off reached Korean media outlets saying that a female military nurse left her post just to see BTS Jin. Not only that, it is said that the military nurse also administered a vaccination to the BTS member. So, what happened to BTS Jin that led ARMYs to contact HYBE?

The other BTS members have been active with their solo schedules and activities. RM may be the next one to enlist after his collaborative projects, while SUGA goes worldwide for his solo tour. Fast X’s soundtrack, including Jimin, just dropped, and we await Jungkook and V’s solo debut news. Currently, BTS Jin and j-hope are in serving in the military. Jin enlisted last December 2022, while j-hope recently entered in April.

What happened to BTS Jin in the military?

The Korean news outlet Beta News first shared the story from an insider who detailed what happened. Apparently, this female military nurse is under suspicion of leaking or distributing medication to the 5th division. This connects to the controversy that worried the ARMYs involving BTS Jin. In mid-January, at around 1:30 P.M. KST, the nurse from the 28th division headed to the 5th Infantry Division, where BTS Jin is stationed.

The report noted that the military nurse had a personal connection with another medical staff also stationed at the 5th division. Moreso, the two planned that the female military nurse would approach Jin. She stayed for around two hours in the area and helped administer Jin’s second vaccine shot against hemorrhagic fever.

After a while, the nurse returned to her workstation, which she left without permission. She also went around sharing that “BTS’s Jin found it really painful,” according to Koreaboo‘s translated report.

Leaving the workstation during work hours without permission is deemed illegal. Violating Article 79 (Unauthorized Departure) of the Military Criminal Law can lead to a year of imprisonment or fines. The female military nurse was also suspected of delivering a bulk of Tylenol to the 5th division.

As of this writing, there’s no update on what happens next to the female military nurse. Concerning BTS Jin’s condition, we have yet to know how the member is doing.

ARMYs trend WE LOVE YOU JIN on Twitter

On May 18, K-pop fans were surprised with a paparazzi photo and video of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie caught in Paris. Some fans root for the artists’ relationship, while others might need time to let it sink in. And just hours after this relationship rumor, the controversy involving Jin again shook the BTS fandom, ARMYs.

  • Fans protested on Twitter, asking HYBE to protect Jin. The fans joined together on Twitter to Tweet “WE LOVE YOU JIN,” “KEEP JIN SAFE,” and “SOUTH KOREA PROTECT JIN.”

  • ARMYs expressed their worry about BTS Jin’s condition. They also send their wishes and messages to Jin, telling him to take care of himself. Jin has been known to everyone, especially ARMYs, as a sweet and gentle soul. The fans also used this opportunity to show love for the BTS members and hope for their safety all the time.

However, HYBE has yet to respond to all the concerns and outrage of the fans. We also hope for the safety of the BTS members and all the K-pop artists in the industry.

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