Twitter: Why is 4 Years of Lover trending? Swifties celebrate Taylor Swift’s album

Taylor Swift's Lover crosses four years

The Love Story of Taylor Swift’s fans and her album Lover continues after four years as they celebrate its anniversary on social media. The album marked the seventh successful studio album of the Enchanted singer when it was released on August 23, 2019. Let’s explore the album’s significance and the fans’ reactions.

Why are Swifties celebrating four years of Taylor Swift’s Lover?

Lover was notable as it marked the release of the first independent album of Taylor Swift following the purchase of her previous masterpieces. Its track list of 18 songs celebrates all the emotions of love, from its glory and passion to its tragedy. It was in the true form of a love letter that was also in stark contrast to her previous album release, reputation.

  • While reputation saw the artist rise like a phoenix from all the controversies, ill-treatment, rumors, and backlash she had faced, Lover took her back towards a brighter side with its electro-pop, synth-pop, and bubblegum-pop sounds.
  • Moreover, it was the album she created while dating her London Boy, Joe Alwyn. This album explored the themes of infatuation, commitment, lust, and heartache and felt honest till its roots. Lover also explored the LGBTQ romance that is often discussed in political issues.

  • Swifties, who are infamous for throwing glamorous celebrations on social media, once again took over the charts to celebrate the four years of Lover. They shared how the album has impacted them and their favorite tracks.
  • One of the songs that significantly trended was Cruel Summer, which has recently regained popularity and charted globally. Read some of their celebratory Tweets below.

Exploring the legacy of Swift’s Lover

The bright and pastel-colored album of Taylor Swift painted this era in happy tones. It’s free-spirited yet mature sounds that are featured on the track Me! received critical acclaim. It also claimed many spots on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200, selling over 3.2 million copies.

  • The critics note this album as a landmark from which point Swift regained her confidence and artistic or personal liberation. If she closed a chapter of vengeance with reputation, then with Lover, she began a new journey with a rediscovery of her approach towards music.

While the album is an essential part of Taylor’s discography, it is also an album that her fans can relate to on a deeper level. For some, the title track Lover‘s theme — commitment — is closer to the heart, while for others, Me! is perfect for rediscovering their bursting self-love. Her songs’ narrative in Cornelia Street and Soon You’ll Get Better gives words to the hard-to-describe feelings.

Subsequently, her tracks The Man and You Need to Calm Down gave her a stage to voice her opinions about various socio-political issues, including gender conflicts, LGBTQ rights, cyberbullying, and cancel culture.

As such, Taylor Swift’s album makes everyone a Lover and celebrates all the little-big things that contribute to the profound emotion called love.

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