Genshin Impact has a tremendous fan base. The action RPG from miHoYo has gained popularity since its release in 2020. With its open-world anime-style world, Genshin has become quite a hit in the gaming world.

While the developers have disappointed players a couple of times, they have been doing everything to satisfy them and to keep the game as interesting as it is. With the help of its fan base, Genshin Impact has managed to achieve yet another milestone.


In 2021, Genshin Impact was the game that people tweeted about the most. Twitter’s recap of 2021 revealed this on the 10th of January. The official Genshin Impact Twitter page has over 3 million followers. The page’s daily tweets for game updates, events and other news have seen tens of thousands of interactions.

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The achievement is no ordinary feat either, considering the competitors. Genshin Impact managed to beat Apex Legends, Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Minecraft, Fortnite, Project Sekai, Ensemble Stars! and others.

Image Courtesy of Twitter


Moreover, when Raiden Shogun was revealed in July 2021, the post held the record for the most interactions for a Genshin character. It had more than 200,000 interactions from likes, retweets, and quote tweets. This record was broken when Arataki Itto was revealed in October 2021. Itto’s reveal amassed 260,000 interactions. In just a month, Shenhe’s reveal post broke this record in November. This post amassed over 277,000 interactions.

  • Yae Miko’s reveal shattered these records. Miko’s reveal post saw more than 464,000 interactions, which is the most for a Genshin character. While these are just the character reveals, events and celebrations have made waves of tweets.
  • miHoYo has recently released the 2.4 update for Genshin Impact. The game is set to grow even more this year, with more content, characters, and events coming up. With this, the game is sure to attract more players than ever.

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