Ubisoft To Reveal Roller Champions At E3; A Multiplayer Roller Derby-Styled Game In The Same Vein Of Rocket League

Roller Champions

Update (11/06/19; 2:57 am IST): Roller Champions officially announced.

Ubisoft is working on a new IP called Roller Champions, a multiplayer Roller derby-style game in the same vein of Rocket League. The company will share more details about it at E3 this year.

According to our sources, Roller Champions is currently a multiplayer-only take on Roller derby, a traditional contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating counter-clockwise around a track. It’s similar to Psyonix’s well-known Rocket League.

Roller Champions
Current build’s Main Menu

The game is built on Unity, will have Xbox controller support, and will come out for PC. We have no details on other platforms as of now.

Roller Champions
Controls for the Xbox One Controller

The controls shall give you a fair idea of what the game’s like. Here’s a look at the actual arena of the game –

Roller Champions
Arena | Current Build

Roller Champions might as well be called “Rollerball Superstars”. The latter was in the game’s EULA as reported by one of our sources. Additionally, there was an image that said “E3 Demo” in the game’s files.

This is a departure from previous popular titles like Rainbow Six Siege and CSGO. Even though it might not be a favourite among players who might bet on CS:GO matches, it looks like a breath of fresh air after so many first-person shooter titles.

Here’s video footage from an extremely early stage of the game showcasing the Acapulco Arena(beach) and Mexico Arena(indoor stadium) with Ubisoft logos in the arenas –

The tournament is apparently called the “Roller League” which can be spotted multiple times in the video. Here’s a banner –

Roller Champions
Roller League Banner – Mexico Arena

We don’t have gameplay footage right now. However, the second private alpha stage of the game will kickstart in just a couple of days with hundreds of players playing and testing the game. The first one concluded just a few days back.


We don’t know the exact platforms for which the game will come out for apart from PC. Plus, there could be Joy-Con support. There will be a demo at E3, although we don’t know if Ubisoft representatives will play it or the company will allow fans to have hands-on experience.

Since the alpha will start in just a couple of days, we shall have more information on Roller Champions’ gameplay, mechanics, match features and in-game features very soon. But, at the time of writing, none.

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