UCypher! I don’t know how UCypher’s Non-Disclosure Agreement works, but there was no information related to the tournament or whatsoever until yesterday. Now, the internet is flooded with information, #UCypher is 4th on Twitter’s Trending page and big verified Twitter celebrities are gossiping about it. (Organic?) Let’s cut it short, and get onto details –

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The first match of the tournament is between Marksmen, led by CS:GO Veteran and Team Brutality’s Captain – Ankit Panth and Yakshas, led by Dota 2 Professional and Clash Royale Qualifier for the ESL India Premiership, Vivek Gore.



Devraj Pandey (Marksmen) vs Ankur Diwakar (Yakshas) 0-3

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Rohit Thakur (Marksmen) vs Shubham More (Yakshas) 0-1


Marksmen vs Yakshas 1-0


Marksmen vs Yakshas 1-0

Well, the show was a disappointment. A full-fledged and detailed article will be out soon. So, sit back for that. Until next time, Happy Gaming!

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