UFC 297: Was Sean Strickland robbed? Drake Curse Explained

UFC 297 Was Sean Strickland robbed Drake's Curse Explained

Following an exhausting split decision victory against Sean Strickland, UFC 297 has officially concluded, with Dricus Du Plessis emerging as the new middleweight champion. The notorious “Drake curse” struck again, leaving Strickland empty-handed despite the rapper’s hefty bet on him.

What is the Drake Curse?

The “Drake curse” is a phenomenon that states that fighters who receive public support or bets from Drake are likely to lose.

Drake bets $700k on Sean Strickland

Fans now find it entertaining to follow Drake’s UFC predictions and watch how they turn out. Take a look at how much Drake has wagered on the fighters who ultimately lost their matches.

Strickland vs. Du Plessis

  • The opening round was a masterclass from “Tarzan” Strickland. He controlled the distance with sharp jabs and crisp footwork, peppering Du Plessis with precise strikes.
  • He counterpunched with precision, moved with fluidity, and had a tight defense. The Round 1 result was overwhelmingly 10-8 for Strickland among commentators and fans.

  • As the fight progressed, Du Plessis started finding his rhythm. He upped his pressure, utilizing his wrestling pedigree to take Strickland down on multiple occasions.
  • Although they weren’t always effective in establishing dominating positions, these takedowns gradually reduced Strickland’s strength and speed.

Both fighters traded hard strikes and struggled for control during the dogfight-style closing rounds. It was a very close call, and when the judges’ scorecards were made public, the split decision that favored Du Plessis shocked fans in the stadium.

Du Plessis wins Middleweight Championship

The main event was everything it promised to be: a brutal war. Strickland dominated the first round, but Du Plessis refused to back down. His relentless pace and powerful takedowns seemed to wear on Strickland, and by the final bell, the fight was anyone’s guess.

After 5 rounds, the judges saw it for Du Plessis. While a rematch with Strickland wouldn’t be surprising, Khamzat Chimaev or Israel Adesanya are likely next in line for the champion.

Was Strickland robbed?

Social media erupted with accusations of a robbery, highlighting Strickland‘s seemingly clear dominance in the first round and winning rounds 2 and 5. Even Dana White expressed his disagreement with the judges’ decision, stating that it was 2-2 and Strickland won Round 5.

While many fans and analysts believe that Strickland won, Du Plessis’s performance is also undeniably good. It could have gotten either way.

In the end, every split decision is full of controversy and the crowd favorite losing a fight will always feel like a robbery.

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