Charles Radtke homophobic slurs during UFC 293

UFC 293 – Usually, a fighter celebrates by thanking his trainers, family, friends, and God. Maybe some go for common marketing tactics like taunting and calling out their next opponent. However, a UFC fighter did something far from the normal and acceptable. Charles Radtke, a first-time UFC winner, drops some homophobic slurs during a post-fight interview with former UFC champion Daniel Cormier. After winning over the Australian Mike Mathetha in a Welterweight match, Radtke goes off on the local crowd with homophobic remarks directed at the Aussies.

When asked by Cormier how good it felt to get his first UFC victory, Charles Radtke replied with: “It felt great. And so f**k all you f*gg**s up in the f**king crowd. Come down here and get some, you p***y-a** b**ch”.

Coming into the fight, Charles Radtke was basically a nobody, but that quickly changed after his X-rated remarks

Radtke, known as Chuck Buffalo, has seen action in other promotions like Bellator, XMMA, and Cage Fury FC. His first fight in the UFC was a success after he beat Mike “Blood Diamond” Mathetha via unanimous decision. What was supposed to be a forgettable fight turned out to be a night to remember, especially for Radtke.

After the interview, Radtke was quickly escorted backstage, as the crowd was already outraged by his comments. Lots of boos and beer thrown at Radtke was definitely inevitable.

Shortly after the incident, Charles Radtke posted a public apology via his official X (Twitter) account

“I’d like [to] sincerely apologize to UFC fans across the world and to the fans here in Sydney for the remarks I made post-fight. Those comments are not a reflection of who I am and they don’t belong on a platform as great as what the UFC has provided me. My emotions were running high… It’s hard to explain the way your mind works when you’re locked in a cage to fight another man with your entire livelihood and dreams on the line. I plan to learn from my mistakes from both during and after the fight and I’m hoping that I can get an opportunity to correct them in the future. Chuck Buffalo loves everybody.”

Will Charles Radtke be suspended?

Well, UFC President Dana White shed some light on what happened during UFC 293. In a post-fight press conference, White seems to have let go of what Radtke said since he had already apologized. The businessman also thinks the American fighter only got “caught up in the moment.” That being said, Charles Radtke may not be suspended, but he could face some consequences moving forward.

“That was flying around a little bit tonight. I think these guys get a little excited and you make bad mistakes,” White said. “Radtke did the same thing and you know me, we didn’t run over and say, you’d better apologize.’ He did that on his own. When he got backstage, he was embarrassed, he got caught up in the moment… He got emotional and we make mistakes.”

“I am not holier than thou either, we’ve all been in positions where we’ve made mistakes and it’s how you recover from it and how you carry yourself after you made a mistake. He came out and apologized out of his own free will. We didn’t tell him to do anything and the fact that he did that means that he means it. I’m sure some people will accept his apology and some people won’t.”, White added.

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