Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is so good, I can’t wait to try it already

The Uncharted: The Lost Legacy DLC announcement was “okay” for me. But everything the announcement trailer delivered, completely blew my mind. How can a game be so catchy? I watched a 8-minute video and completely lost track of time. The graphics, the gameplay and the way the story was narrated were absolutely jaw-dropping. I am definitely hungry for more gameplay footage as I think Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will write a new page in the history of videogames.


First thing first. The main protagonist of the game is Chloe Frazer accompanied by her partner in crime Nadine Ross, both female characters associated with previous Uncharted installments. The Lost Legacy is a standalone story so we’ll be seeing both the characters in a different world compared to the existing Uncharted universe. And here’s where it gets interesting. The combat and movement of the character feels so realistic and were the biggest wow-factors for me throughout the trailer. You can control Chloe so smoothly, at one point you’ll surely feel you’re actually Chloe and not yourself. Also teaming up both the female characters to beat up the bad guys and break their bones was a great decision.

July 18, 2017 maybe?


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is set in the Western Ghats of my motherland India. What other reason do I need to play the game? I’ve played all major titles that had an Indian setting like Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles and Splinter Cell: Blacklist and I would play this for sure as well. It’s just pleasing to hear in-game characters speak Hindi and even English, but with the typical Indian accent. As shown in the trailer, the environment has been created beautifully and the streets really felt like Indian streets. And then, there’s this scene –

Catchy Gameplay

If you watch the trailer in 4k, you’ll probably feed your eyes until the DLC’s release. Well, don’t do that. Instead, watch it on either 1080p or 720p and enter full screen.

Did you even blink? Don’t know about you but I didn’t. Every part of the trailer has something you need to give importance to. From Chloe’s walking style, to the guards checking her and even when she’s about to fall from the first floor while on route to the roof. The details are surely one of the best factors of the DLC so far and that’s why I love Naughty Dog, more than my pet dog.

Will it really make history?

Yes. Uncharted 4 was a masterpiece itself. And the standalone DLC coming next year will be a masterpiece as well. I am already imagining the adventures and the co-op kicks these ladies will place on their enemies’ faces. The game has a good gameplay already, retina satisfying graphics and I hope the story will be solid as well. Moreover, with a setting like India the game’s going to be pretty flawless. The game will feature all of the hallmarks of the series, from cinematic storytelling set within exotic destinations, to dynamic combat and intricate puzzles. It’s Naught Dog’s biggest story expansion to-date and will be available as a standalone game on store shelves and for digital download.

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