The Upcoming Unreal Tournament Succeeds to Bag our Attention

The Unreal Tournament may get ‘Real’ this year

The new Unreal Tournament is coming. However, the main talk of the market isn’t its release date but whether it’s going to be what we’re expecting or yet another version of uninteresting gameplay.

Since 1999, Unreal Tournament has made quite a discussion among hardcore gamers. That quick deathmatch aura of the game is what fans love most about the series.

However, since the years UT has been pretty lackluster – lacking in force as well as charm. The appeal was uninspiring. Although the gameplay itself has been unmatched, as there are only a few FPS deathmatch games that offer such a functional game and have survived more than a decade, spawning 9 different entries in their franchise.Unreal Tournament

A while back, the core developers of the game promised that players will get a much more alive and inspiring Unreal Tournament version. That dream is coming closer to reality now with each passing day.

It’s not hard to spot fans of the franchise rooting for this new version with all their heart. People really do have quite some expectations.

Unreal Tournament has been developed openly by the community since the past few years. By openly it really means open. A ton of feedback was taken into account and many changes in mechanics were addressed.

Yet, somewhere along the line of these changes a tad bit of un-attractiveness still grips the Tournament. The game is imaginative, yes, but there are many issues people in community are talking about.

For example, a good deal of fans wants the running speed of characters increased even further for an even faster gameplay. It’s easy to see the inspiration behind it: make Unreal Tournament better in what it’s best at: quick deathmatches.

There are more issues of course. The textures on structures and land have improved, character movement has enhanced remarkably, and the overall player experience has smoothed out in this “pre-Alpha” stage.

Overall inspiring, but only time will tell whether it’s good or yet another Unreal Tournament. Keep in touch with Spiel Times for more gaming, technology and esports related information, news and stuff.

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