Even after almost 60 years after his assassination, John F Kennedy remains the youngest president of the United States. There have been numerous conspiracy theories, official Warren Commission reports, detailed books, and even newly declassified clues by the Biden administration.

Yet, an unsolved mystery still looms over his death and the identity of his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Read to find out more about Lee Harvey Oswald and what could have led him to kill JFK.

JFK assassination

On November 22, 1963, President John F Kennedy rode in a motorcade in Texas as a part of his upcoming political campaign. On his way to another speech, JFK’s convertible passed the Texas School Book Depository building.

Image courtesy of ABC News
  • Lee Harvey Oswald’s gunshots came from this building and the bullet reportedly pierced the base of JFK’s neck, exited through his throat, and later hit the governor accompanying him. 
  • Another bullet struck the back of his head, and it was all over before there was any help. JFK tragically breathed his last at age 46.
  • Lyndon B Johnson took oath as the new President on Air Force One, with Kennedy’s corpse aboard.
Lyndon Johnson
Image courtesy of Britannica

Lee Harvey Oswald’s capture and death

Lee Harvey Oswald was working at the same building where he positioned and shot from for over a month. The police put out a description of him immediately after JFK’s death.

  • Moreover, Oswald shot and killed a police officer named JD Tippit in his attempt to escape. But he was apprehended by the police quite quickly afterward.
Lee Harvey Oswald mugshot
Image courtesy of Hulton Archive / Getty Images via CNN
  • Two days after the JFK assassination, Oswald’s transfer to the county jail was broadcasted live on television. As cameras looked on, Jack Ruby shot Oswald with a handgun. Ruby said he wanted to spare Jacqueline Kennedy from having to testify at Oswald’s trial.
  • Ironically, Lee Harvey Oswald was rushed to the same hospital as John F Kennedy. Oswald died at age 24.

Reasons for assassination

President Johnson set up the Warren Commission to investigate JFK’s assassination. There was heavy speculation that either the Soviet Union or Cuba was involved in this.

  • According to the Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald was not part of any organization with an agenda. Oswald worked solely as an individual.
Lee Harvey Oswald holding rifle
Image courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine
  • Lee Harvey Oswald was a former US Marine, which explains his shooting skill. During his time as a Marine, Oswald had pro-Soviet and communist views. He even left for the Soviet Union, where he tried unsuccessfully to become a citizen.
  • Before JFK, Oswald had attempted to assassinate a former army general named Edwin A Walker for his far-right views.

Conspiracy theories and new clues

The Warren Commission’s reports were futile in reducing public speculation and conspiracy theories about JFK’s death.

  • Some people still believe that the deaths of both John F Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald were an elaborate scheme by pro-Communists and the Soviet Union.
Image courtesy of US Government Archives
  • A few alleged that Lee Harvey Oswald was set up by the CIA as a domestic assassin. JFK’s handling of the Bay of Pigs fiasco was criticized.
  • Some theories suggest that Oswald was hired by the CIA, and he was one of those marines on whom they performed LSD tests

A newly declassified document suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald was employed by the CIA during his time as a US Marine. Furthermore, JFK’s assassination was truly the murder of the century, and the shockwaves are felt even today, almost 60 years later.

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