Unusual viral TikTok trend Vabbing: Who started it?

TikTok Vabbing

A new TikTok trend called ‘Vabbing’ is being followed by more and more women. But what exactly is the trend and who started it? Here’s everything you need to know about the viral TikTok trend called Vabbing.

Another day, another unusual trend on TikTok that’s gone viral. The trend is targeting women looking for either sexual partners or a soulmate. However, it is not simply dating advice or fashion tips to reel in the opposite sex. Vabbing is an unusual way of attracting men by the use of a woman’s natural scent.

What is ‘Vabbing’ and why is it viral all over TikTok?

From the name itself, “vabbing” is a combination of two words: vagina and dabbing. Weird, right? Well, it gets weirder from here. Those who are already taking part in the trend claim that it works. But how exactly does it work? And is it really as effective as they say it is?


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If you’re planning to try it out yourself, then you should be prepared. It’s an unconventional way of attracting someone. Vabbing, as they call it, is the act of using your vaginal secretions and dabbing them all over some vital points around your body.

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How do I ‘vab’?

The most straightforward definition comes from Urban Dictionary. The online dictionary states that vabbing is when a woman uses her “lady fingers” and sticks them in between their “lady lips”. Very NSFW stuff, but what can we expect from TikTok? Every day, a new trend comes up and goes viral, prompting users from all over to take part in it themselves.

So after a woman sticks her fingers between her “lady lips,” you should get some of your “lady juice” before putting it behind your ears. This is so people will want to be intimate with you. Using your “lady juice” as a natural perfume is claimed to be a pheromone that increases your chances of finding a partner.

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Besides the area behind your ears, you can also vab your wrists and neck as these are pulse points. Vabbing is another method for women to try out if they want potential partners to seek them out.

The TikTok trend is famous among women who are looking for other ways to meet people. So if you’re one of those who are tired of hopping onto dating apps or trying to meet potential partners through traditional ways, then maybe vabbing is for you.

Is Vabbing an effective method of attracting other people?

  • Some TikTok users are claiming that vabbing works for them. Furthermore, a woman shared her Facebook story and how vabbing helped her create a meaningful relationship with her current boyfriend.
  • The Facebook post claims that she started vabbing two months ago. She further shared that she did this method three to six times every day and surprisingly, she became a “man magnet”.
  • Another TikTok user went on to share that she and a friend tried vabbing. They then proceeded to go out for the night to see if it actually works. Lo and behold, the poster and her friend claims that vabbing is effective. At the end of the night, three men approached them and they even got free drinks in the process.

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Other testimonies from women who have tried vabbing say that it is also effective. But medically speaking, is it really effective? Will vabbing work with women trying to score a date or finding a partner?

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Is vabbing medically proven to have worked?

  • A doctor has debunked the claims that vabbing works. As of writing, there are no medical or scientific claims that could back up this method. But of course, someone who studies human sexuality sees vabbing as a way of women gaining confidence.
  • Shan Boodram, a sexologist, further explains that vabbing is fun as it’s something women do to help them feel more confident. So maybe that’s the upside to this TikTok trend. Additionally, she is a sex therapist who supports the act of ‘vabbing’.
  • On the other hand, TikTok users who tried out vabbing still stand by its legitimacy. Although it’s an odd way of attracting men, they can assure other women interested in trying it out that it is indeed effective.

Who started ‘vabbing’ and where did it all begin?

It didn’t have a name when it was first introduced to pop culture. But vabbing goes back to as early as 1976. In the novel by Tom Robbins called Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, one character has given specific instructions on how to ‘vab’.

According to Bonanza Jellybean, one of the novel’s lesbian characters, what you do is exactly how it was described in Urban Dictionary. You use your fingers and get them wet with your juices. Then, you rub it behind your ears. The character claims it attracts men and it works as a “wonderful perfume”.

TikTok Vabbing - Pheromones
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Where did the word “Vabbing” originate?

It is also mentioned in other books as well as discussion forums. But the term ‘vabbing’ is first coined in 2018 when it was mentioned in a podcast. The Secret Keepers Club is a podcast hosted by Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann who are both comedians.

When they get around to talking about vabbing, they start off by talking about when one of their friends tried out this unusual method. According to the hosts’ friend, a sex therapist says that vabbing is entirely effective.

Following the podcast sharing that story, a listener then shares her own experience with using her natural juices as a perfume. Furthermore, this listener was the one who actually coined the term ‘vabbing’ in her letter to the show.

But it leaves us with this question: does vabbing really work? Or is it just the placebo effect giving confidence to women?

What are your thoughts about this newest unusual trend on TikTok? Do you think vabbing is really effective as they claim it is? We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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