Upcoming Elden Ring DLC – Barbarians of the Badlands, Is It True?

Is it true? The upcoming Elden Ring DLC – Barbarians of the Badlands is releasing in Q3 2023 and was posted via Twitter User @hy_plus. As we remember, a team of hackers allegedly attacked Bandai Namco and now the DLC Barbarians of the Badlands leaked.

Is this just a coincidence? or the leaker themselves may be a member of that organization? We can’t tell for sure but let’s jump to what they shared on Twitter. Let’s go!

Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands – DLC

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If a recent leak is to be believed, we’ll soon be traveling out of the Lands Between and into the Badlands beyond the fog. Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands was listed in an image alongside other upcoming game content that was tweeted by Twitter user @hy_plus.

Image Courtesy of @hy_plus via Twitter
  • Although nothing on this list is a guarantee, several of the items strike our curiosity. For instance, a game from FromSoftware thought to be called Armored Core is in the last stages of development. However, a release in Q1 FY2023 would seem a bit premature.
  • Some of these games have yet to be confirmed, such as Tales of Ascension and Code Vein 2.
  • While others, such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, have been mentioned in previous rumors and leaks.
BlackCat / ALPHV – Are they the Culprit? Or is it just a coincidence?

A group known as ALPHV is said to have launched a ransomware attack against Bandai Namco Entertainment. Bandai Namco has neither acknowledged nor rejected these accusations. This suggests that a ton of crucial material may now be in the hands of these hackers.

It seems quite similar to what happened to Capcom, which led to titles being leaked online much in advance of their official release. One of these leaks appears to be the name of a future Elden Ring Expansion. It should be noted that the information from the Capcom breach did not appear online for several days.
However, it now seems that Bandai Namco’s fiscal year 2023 plans were released in advance.

@hy_plus, a Twitter User Then Posted This Afterward…

Regarding the authenticity of the leak, the user did send out a follow-up post that basically translates to, “That picture actually spreads an unreliable news that was circulating in China, so I deleted it first.” It’s difficult to say with certainty how much validity this leak possesses, but in the weeks to follow it will become clearer.

In terms of FromSoftware’s DLC, Elden Ring DLC in Q3 FY2023 is on the latter end. In addition, it would seem to have something to do with the Badlands that Godfrey and the Tarnished witnessed after being expelled from the Lands Between, and it might dive into both their pasts as well as events that occurred outside the Lands Between.

A Little Backstory…
  • Fans of the Elden Ring will recall the Badlands as a territory outside of the Lands Between. This is also the location to which the Tarnished were sent after Godfrey/Horah Loux lost his grace and was deprived of his position as the first Elden Lord.
  • Horah Loux was the ruler of the badlands before he wed Queen Marika, the goddess of the Lands Between, and this is also important to note.
  • He afterward adopted the name Godfrey and served as her consort and army general.
  • The majority of the Tarnished, including Godfrey, perished in the Badlands but were later revived in the prologue of Elden Ring and sent back to the Lands Between to take on the role of Elden Lord, setting the stage for the game’s events.

We may learn more about the history of the Tarnished via the Elden Ring DLC, which is set in the Badlands and may take place either before or after the game’s events. As you may anticipate, there would be a lot more bosses as well as new land to explore.

What Players Think is Included in the DLC
    Image Courtesy of Games from Mars via YouTube
    • Throughout The Lands Between, there are numerous towering, arena-like constructions called Structures that are currently impenetrable and located in Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell. However, some players have broken into the games and found stadium portions, which has led the majority of us to believe that these will soon be turned into PVP arenas.
    • These arenas may also be used for boss battles or a survival mode. This is where bosses would arrive and be eliminated one at a time.
    • As was already said, Elden Ring is the company’s friendliest title; this suggests that FromSoftware may be releasing a DLC soon. It must create a new DLC that blends into the open world while taking into consideration its features.
  • The Shattering—

    a huge conflict about who has the right to govern among all the remaining demigods—is most known for the legendary fights between Malenia and General Radahn.

    Image Courtesy of Orithea via YouTube
  • Divine Tower Phenomenon-

    When you locate all of the Elden Ring Divine Tower spots, you may see that they are neatly clustered around a central location in an impenetrable body of water in the map’s center that is obscured by cloud.

    Screengrab Courtesy of Arekkz Gaming via YouTube
  • The Night of the Black Knives-

    was a night when several assassins entered the Lands Between covertly and killed numerous powerful beings. This may be an added event when the DLC is released next year.

    Screengrab Courtesy of Eurogamer via YouTube

Although it’s not apparent how more Elden Ring seems to be in the works. The prospect of it extending this game could involve a number of different things. A claim that it goes beyond the game feels open to interpretation and might hint at upcoming DLC.

No announcement has been made in a formal manner. So it is impossible to predict when the Elden Ring DLC will be accessible.


Tekken 8 logo is fake due to the fact that it’s fan-made. Also, the armored core has a pretty generic name compared to its predecessors. Some YouTubers believe that the DLC title for Elden Ring doesn’t make sense but it seems some enthusiasts tried to connect a simply fan-made post and link it to the hackers of Namco Bandai. This makes perfect sense to create rumors prior to what happened to Namco Bandai getting hacked.

The photo above is simply not reliable and we think it’s FAKE.

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