Upcoming Game ‘Everywhere’; What we know so far + Trailer breakdown

There’s a new game coming our way called ‘Everywhere‘. This game is developed by Build A Rocket Boy (BARB) led by Leslie Benzies. He is the former president of Rockstar North and producer of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games. Moreover, he parted ways with the company back in 2016 and then created BARB a year later.

After years of developing Everywhere, they finally revealed a trailer of the game. The game trailer showed a glimpse of a whole new different world. It showed a sci-fi-like concept, and the last sequence of it made it even more intriguing. There was a human who looks like he was the one behind every adventure to different worlds.

The game is also described by BARB as an “adventure, creativity, and discovery in an all-new multi-world gaming experience.” This makes it promising since fans are looking forward to it as well. But let’s get to know more of it along with their recent trailer for the game.

What you need to know about the new ‘Everywhere’ game 

More about the trailer
  • As stated before that the trailer shows off a sci-fi-like outcome. It also appears to be like a metaverse type of game because of the last part of the trailer.
  • The man on the trailer happens to be Alex Hernandez who portrayed Lincoln Clay in Mafia 3. We are yet to find out what character he is going to portray this time.
Image Courtesy of Build a Rocket Boy
  • Assumingly, the places shown in the trailer would be players are going to experience. The places vary from a cyberpunk-like city, forest, underworld, desert, and more. We just don’t know exactly how yet.
  • There was nothing much revealed in the trailer. We just saw a glimpse of the upcoming game. In addition, the trailer was the first one that come out so far. Therefore, we are going to see so much more ahead of its release.
  • One is for sure about this game is that it is going to take us to a new level. With its promising trailer and the developers are very enthusiastic about it too.

What is the game going to be like?

The developers of this game including Benzies, are saying that the players are going to tell their stories in the game. Players are going to experience different places that can let them share and be creative.

Adam Whiting, the assistant game director of the game also shared his insights at Gamescom. He said “We are not trying to make a normal game. I think the scope and ambition of this project are quite unlike anything else. We want to build a whole new world for gamers.

He then added, “And not just a place to play but watch, share, create, hang out with your friends and so much more.”

When is the release date and where to play it?
  • As of now, there’s no exact release date yet. However, it is expected to be out sometime in 2023.
  • For the game devices of this game, BARB hasn’t been revealed thus far too. They aim to make the game available everywhere for the players.

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