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Rumors about One Piece’s upcoming movie after Red is making rounds among fans and new updates about a Netflix live-action coming soon are also hyping fans up.


One Piece next movie after Red

Rumors of One Piece’s upcoming movie are making rounds among fans. There are many suspicions about its factuality.

  • The news is making rounds following a Tweet from Jinebe’s Voice Actor. The tweet roughly translates to “One Piece RED’s box office has hit 18.5B Yen, and things are also progressing smoothly for the production of the feature film”.
  • Speculations related to the feature film mentioned in the Tweet started floating on the net. Many fans believe it to be a confirmation for the next One Piece film. However, some pointed out the fault of the translation.

  • A couple of fans pointed out the information isn’t trustable for it comes from a misinterpretation of the tweet. Although the VA mentions the production of a film it isn’t specified for One Piece, therefore it is better for fans not to get their hopes too high.
  • Some challenged the misinterpretation claims by pointing out that Japanese fans are also taking the tweet in the same context.
  • Moreover, if one follows the previous schedules of the One Piece films then the next film can be in the production phase. There isn’t any confirmation from the official source yet. However, we do have news about One Piece’s Live-Action adaption.


Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece Project

According to the show producers, the live-action One Piece reveal is coming soon. Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the famous Manga series was first announced in early 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the auction significantly lost its momentum.

  • Ever since there haven’t been many updates about the project. Previously, fans were teased with an updated logo, some casting announcements, and multiple set photos. As per the last updates, Season 1 is currently in post-production. After that, there weren’t any reveals about the highly-anticipated adaptation.
  • During a recent appearance on a YouTube event with host Randy Troy, Matt Owens hinted towards a major live-action One Piece reveal. The Netflix adaptation’s executive producer acknowledged the lack of information during this time. However, he promises new updates soon.
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Everything we know about Netflix’s One Piece

Netflix’s live-action One Piece show is an adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s ongoing 1997 manga of the same name. Similar to the manga and anime series, the Netflix show will follow the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they sail the treacherous Grand Line.

  • The crew will continue the search for the fabled treasure that will make Luffy the next King of the Pirates. During this, One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates also need to tackle the Navy and other pirate crews who are searching for the treasure.
  • The main cast for Netflix’s live-action One Piece series includes Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, and Taz Skylar as Sanji.
  • The show’s star cast will also feature several recurring characters, such as Peter Gadiot as Shanks, Morgan Davies as Koby, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Alvida, Aidan Scott as Helmeppo, Langley Kirkwood as Captain Morgan, and Jeff Ward as Buggy, as per Screen Rant.
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  • Both the One Piece movie rumor and the news leaves fans awaiting official updates. All in all, we can say there is promising news coming for the fans soon.

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SOURCE: Screen Rant
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