UPDATE: Rabbit Thief (R18) Now Listed On Steam; An Adults-Only Game That Allows You To Punish A Rabbit Girl For Stealing Stockings

Rabbit Thief

Update: The game has been removed from Steam.

lt game Rabbit Thief (R18) is a new rape/punishing-themed game on Steam from developer Topaz Games. Rabbit Thief allows you to sexually punish a “rabbit” for stealing stockings from your shop.

You play as Tom, the owner of a silk stocking store. Tom witnesses that a number of stockings are disappearing in a very frequent manner. Putting some effort, Tom catches the thief, who’s actually a “rabbit”, from what the developer claims. Tom then turns this Rabbit to the police but the latter doesn’t take it into custody. Now, it’s Tom’s duty to “teach it a lesson and make it afraid to steal Tom’s things again.”

First of all, it’s not a rabbit, but a girl in the disguise of a rabbit; two different things. Secondly, unlike Rape Day, Rabbit Thief (R18) is a 3D game with an actual human figure tied to the table. You control a sort of tentacle, given the option to pick objects to “punish” the rabbit.

The game was initially added to Steam on 2nd January 2019. Back then, the game’s name was “Happy picture”. On 9th January, the developer, then calling itself “HappyGame”, added the Casual, Nudity and Sexual Content store-tags. On 22nd February, HappyGame added a release date of 16th January 2019, which was soon removed. On 29th March, HappyGame was changed to Topaz Games and Happy picture to Rabbit Thief.

Steam doesn’t show the game on its ajax search feature, or real-time search. You’ll have to type in the name and press Enter or click the search button to see it appear on the listing. The game’s categorised under Steam’s Mature and Adults-Only sections, while the Genres are Casual, Indie, RPG and Simulation. Until you’ve set your Steam preferences to show content of such sort, you’ll see an “Excluded by preferences” declaration over the game’s image.

“The game has mature content,” one line in the game’s description reads. “We can select different items to punish it,” reads another.

Considering Steam’s recent controversies regarding such games, it’s difficult to say if the game will remain listed for long. The game doesn’t have a release date as of now and Steam is still learning about the game. We tried searching for developer Topaz Games on many websites and forums. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a trace of them. Is this another troll attempt to check Steam’s restriction policies? Will Steam allow this game to be released?

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