Updated Version of Nintendo Switch Releasing In Hong Kong on 1st August

Nintendo had recently announced the revamped version of one of its most successful consoles of all time, the Nintendo Switch. The new version comes with upgraded battery life and was announced soon after the Nintendo Switch Lite made headlines. While there was no information on the release date of the new Switch at launch, we finally have some information on the same.  As Chinese Nintendo tweets, the latest Nintendo Switch will be releasing in Hong Kong on 1st August. The tweet also reveals the pictures of the console’s box.


While what’s under the hood of the latest Nintendo Switch is still a mystery, Nintendo‘s FCC filings give some subtle hints about the same. Nintendo recently requested for a “Class II Permissive Change”  in their letter. This means that the Switch is getting a new chip and NAND memory instead of just a mere battery upgrade. Whether the filing is for this model of the Switch is still something we don’t have clarity about. However, considering the claims Nintendo has made regarding the latest Switch’s capabilities, it’s very, much probable that a new chip would have been needed to meet those goals.

The latest version of the Switch is claimed to run four and a half hours to nine hours from one battery charge instead of the previous two and a half to six and a half hours. While the earlier model could only manage Zelda for a mere three hours, the latest model promises an impressive five and a half hours. We still have no information about whether the updated version will come at a higher price point or not, but it is unlikely that there will a significant bump in the price.

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