USC Trojans victory against Rice Owls featured Luffy in its Halftime

The campaign for One Piece Film: Red is not limited to Japan, as the film is nominated to make good rounds all throughout the globe. Living to the glory of Demon Slayer Mugen Train which made over 89% of its profit through worldwide earnings. Distributors and producers now know that the best way to hook the fish is to put the trap in the international ocean. To promote the same, Toei Animation recently funded the football match between the University Of Southern California’s official athletic sports team USC Trojans against Rice University’s Rice Owls. Straw-hat Luffy addressed the audience.

USC Trojans One Piece Luffy Half-time Film Red
Luffy’s Message During the Half time
grabbed from TOEI Animation’s twitter page.
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One Piece film red has made huge rounds lately, surpassing Neon Genesis Evangelion to enter the #10 Highest grossing anime film of all time. It has also recently surpassed Topgun Maverick in the Japanese theatres. One Piece Red is also one of the largest grossing films (also anime film) to have ever been released in Japan. The film grossed over 2,250,000,000 yen in only its second day.

USC Trojans Luffy Half-time One Piece Film Red
courtesy: Official Twitter of TOEI Animation

Toe Animation’s official Twitter page tweeted the following to mark the special promotion of the film Red.

USC Trojans vs Rice Owls

  • The American football game was the USC Trojan football team’s season opener game. USC Trojan faced off against Rice University’s Rice Owls.
  • The Saturday held match was nominated by Toei Animation to advertise the movie One Piece film Red.
  • During the half-time show, the audience saw a glimpse of to-be pirate king Strawhat Luffy as he addressed them.

Luffy’s Message During the Half Time

USC Trojans Luffy Half-time One Piece Film Red
Spirit of Troy
  • Mugiwara no Luffy made his appearance during the half-time show. A CGI animated Luffy voiced by his original English dub voice actor addressed the audience.
  • Luffy introduces himself as the guy who is going to be the king of pirates while also remarking on the vastness of the stadium. Fans giggle a smile, especially smaller ones upon seeing the animated character talk for a brief while.
  • Luffy soon turns everyone’s attention toward the main field where the Marching band gathers. The marching band of the University of Southern California dedicated to USC Trojans is named The Spirit of Troy.

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The marching band performed extravagant marching using conventional musical instruments. Trumpets soared the stadium as the band performed We Are!,” “New Genesis”, and “Over the Top!”.

  • Both “We Are!” and “Over the Top!” are one of the most fan-favored openings of the anime adaptation of One Piece.
  • “New Genesis” is the opening song of One Piece Film Red sung by Ado who voiced the singing voice of the character Uta, Shanks’ daughter.
USC Trojans Luffy Half-time One Piece Film Red
courtesy: Official Twitter of TOEI Animation


The home team USC Trojans won a sweeping 66-14 against the away team Rice Owls. With every score, the audience roared with excitement.

Luffy Gear 5
Post time skip Luffy

TOEI announced One Piece Film: Red on November 2021 when One Piece released its 1000th episode. A teaser trailer and poster showing red-haired Shanks overtook the internet with sensuous excitement. One Piece Film: Red made its premiere in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo on July 22, 2022. On the same day, it celebrated its 25th year anniversary of the manga. Its commercial release happened on August 6, 2022, in Japan. 

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