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PlayStation 5 launch units are reaching millions of homes as we’re officially entering the next-generation of console gaming. The joy of getting a console on its launch day, however, hasn’t been great for some users. After yesterday’s report of a PS5 dying after an hour of play, another user reports a similar case today.

“I turned it on and went through set up, played half [an] hour of Astro Bot and installed some games (Miles, God of War, Days Gone),” writes Michael who goes by the username Creepy Woody. “Then [I] turned off the system (full off, not rest mode) and left for a few hours.”

In a conversation with me, he said that he tried to turn on the console six hours after he turned it off. “It seemed perfectly fine before ran cool and quiet quite literally no hiccups whatsoever,” he said.

When he went back to turn it on, first via the DualSense controller, there was no response. He then tried the power button, still nothing. He then checked if they had a power trip, checked the breaker and there were no issues anywhere. Everything else in the house was fine. He even tried to use a different power socket and finally, his PS4 Pro figure 8 power cord. But, the console won’t respond.

He told me how the DualSense tries to connect, but the console doesn’t power on. Fans and light remain inactive and there’s no system beep.

“I guess I’m taking it back to EB in the morning and going without my PS5 for a few months,” Michael writes. “[The] worst thing is my Miles disc is stuck inside and there is no tutorial for manual eject, I can only find ones on PS4, so I better get my game back!”

He even made a video to show proof of it. Check it out –

Yesterday’s report claimed that the PS5 made the beep sound while turning it on. But after that, there was no response from the console. In this case, there was no beep or lighting.

A massive chunk of the consoles turns out just fine and works for years without any issues. It’s only a few of them that ship with manufacturing faults. This was one of them.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that both the major cases reported so far are from Australia. Vantana, who posted his issue on Reddit, wrote how their controller got randomly disconnected and refused to sync back to the console.

“I just pressed power again to turn it back on,” they wrote. “At first it beeped once like it should but then nothing else at all. No lights, no fan, nothing. It just beeped. I’ve unplugged it from the wall for a good half an hour and tried plugging it into a different wall socket, tried my old PS4 power cable, no good either. And it’s not even beeping now, it just seems completely dead.”

If you’re facing any issues with your PS5, the only solution is to contact Sony and report these issues immediately. It is advised not to try and troubleshoot anything yourself at the moment, since most of these issues aren’t known to everyone and inadvertently, you could end up damaging the console further.

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