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After Sony decided to revamp its PlayStation Plus subscription, users were quite dismayed at the pricing of each tier. But while other users were busy complaining about the new pricing of the subscription plan, others were quick to come up with ways how to avoid spending on the new PS Plus subscription. What they essentially did was stock up on PS Now subs to save money in the long run.

Some users purchased a large number of PlayStation Now subscriptions to save money

Before the PlayStation Plus subscription transitioned into the new version in June, users were all over the place trying to find a way to save their money. Luckily, users saw a way to get the Premium tier of the new subscription plan.

What happened was users realized that if you have a 12-month subscription, you’d automatically be upgraded to the 12-month Premium plan for the new PS Plus subscription.

If you’re wondering if this actually helped them save their money, it did. Before Sony caught on to this method, users essentially bought the Premium tier at half its selling price. The new PS Plus subscription’s Premium tier costs $119.99 per year, while a PS Now subscription of the same duration costs only $59.99.

If you have a PS Now subscription, it will be upgraded to PS Plus Premium in June

Just like PS Plus, PS Now subscriptions can be stacked. So what that means is if you purchased two 12-month PS Now subs, it’ll automatically be for two years. But because Sony caught on quickly to this method circulating online, they’ve now stopped selling PS Now subscriptions.

Although Sony promised PS Now subscribers an automatic upgrade in June, a lot can change. They might announce a limit to PS Now subs when the new subscription plan rolls out in a few months. So, we can only wish users who purchased a decade’s worth of subscriptions good luck.

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