Valheim has been the breakout star of the past month, doubling its player count in just a week.

This indie early-access game of Norse mythology features fun multiplayer gameplay. Similar to the Vikings of days of yore, this game has conquered the landscape of gaming.

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Currently, on the Steam charts, it peaked at 361,281 players, where GTA V has only had an all time peak of 360,761 players.

The numbers don’t lie: Valheim is heisting the spotlight from Grand Theft Auto V.

Valheim, like GTA attracts fans of open-world multiplayer adventures. While GTA has been in the top player and sales charts every month for the past seven years, Valheim is starting to see similar steady growth that might shoot it into the stratosphere of the top-selling games of all times. It is too early to tell just how successful this early-access title will be.

Godspeed, Valheim players.