Valheim beginner’s Tips And Tricks by CohhCarnage

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Valheim is becoming a gaming sensation rampantly and gamers are looking for the best ways to get ahead.

Thankfully, popular YouTuber Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell uploaded an insightful tips and tricks video for beginners. The gaming community is full of queries and the tricks discussed in the video are definitely insightful. 

According to Cassell, numerous elements in Valheim affects a player’s progress in-game. The best way to start the game would require a cursory glance of all the items present in a player’s inventory. 

Valheim beginners tips and tricks guide by CohhCarnage 

CohhCarnage starts off the tips and tricks for Valheim beginners with the inventory and then moves on to a comprehensive description about the players’ role in-game. 

He lists a set of rules players have to follow, and they are discussed below:

  • Craft every item, even the ones that can be discarded.
  • Unlock recipes by Crafting items. 
  • Kill the five bosses
  • Travel to the ring and follow the crow’s instructions in-game
  • Harvest, cut down, pick up everything that is readily available
  • Kill every enemy on sight
  • Pick up all the dropped loot from an enemy
  • Harvest new types of items every time upon encounter

CohhCarnage also mentions that players can practice certain attack moves to get better at Valheim.

The combat system in Valheim is a little different to other survival games.

According to the streamer, the following points will help players succeed in combats while playing Valheim.

  • Parry, sneak, backstab, block enemies upon encounter
  • Identify the resistance type of the enemy to attack with the proper weapon

The health system in Valheim depends on food found in the world. Players will need lots of food to keep their HP/Stamina high in-game.

The type of food players consume in the game will affect their HP and survival rate during fights.

  • Farm, fish, cook consumables which give better value in-game
  • Keep eating food whenever possible to keep ahead of opponents

Building and picking a good spot for a base in Valheim is remarkably significant. Players have to choose the perfect area to set up shop.

CohhCarnage recommends that players either select a meadows area or a mountain region to build their base in Valheim. Raising animals in these locations can be beneficial for progress in-game.


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