Valheim: Caves Coming to Mountains Really Soon!

Valheim Caves Coming to Mountains Really Soon

Days ago, Iron Gate launched the Christmas update for Valheim which brought along armor stands, Yule Tree, Yuleklapps, and useful taming buffs. It might as well be the last update for Valheim of 2021. The Mistlands update might not arrive for the better half of 2022 but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anything new. Valheim is committed to making the game better and better before the final launch. Therefore, very soon a big update for the Mountains region will be arriving on your maps.

Mountains’ Caves

What is a mountain without caves? Just like real-world, nearly every game has some form of caves situated inside mountains. So, when players couldn’t find any caves in the Mountain regions of Valheim, it was surely a little disappointing. That is in the past now as very soon, Caves will be added to Mountains but it won’t be an easy task to wander there alone.

We are not sure what these caves will be called but we are pretty sure that they are going to bring along some challenges. Just like Burial Chambers in Black Forests and Sunken Crypts in Swamps, these might offer some treasures Vikings are always looking for. Along with that, it is also possible that players may find some Silver ores in the chests. But it will not be that easy to get by in the caves.

From what appears in the image above, the caves are going to be quite dark. So, be sure to bring along torches or a Dverger circlet (if you have purchased one from the trader). You’ll find various runestones here which might tell you the location of Moder (the Mountain boss). Apart from that, you will encounter Fenrings here, who are Werewolves like creatures that spawn in the Mountains at night. If you have reached the mountains biome, you must have encountered these creatures at least once by now.

Release Date and Mistlands

We do not know the exact date or month for the release of the cave update. But Iron Gate stated it would be released sometime early in 2022, and they shared the sneak peeks shown above. Caves look scary. However, they can provide you with some items you require and might as well add certain new ones.

Moving forward, the biggest thing fans have been waiting for is the Mistlands update. It would add a whole new region with a new set of enemies, resources, build pieces, a new boss, and whatnot. It is something most fans who have aced the Plains biome, are waiting for, for since long. This is what Iron Gate had to say about the upcoming Mistlands update:

“As the development of the caves is gradually progressing that means more and more energy can be focused on the Mistlands update. There’s a lot to be done in order to bring you a whole biome, as we need to establish everything from resources and new things to craft, to enemies and the big bad boss, but we’re really liking what we have so far!”

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