Valheim: Christmas Update Adds More Comfort and Taming Tweaks


Valheim is getting better and better with every update, is already one of the best survival games in the world. In its commitment to making the game more amazing, Iron Gate released yet another update as Christmas nears. Last month’s update brought along a new mini-boss called Abomination in the Swamps region and along with that, a new armor set called the Root Armor. This update adds Christmas special items and a few previously leaked items as well, along with some useful tweaks.

New Items

This Christmas update brings loads of “joy to the world” as it not only adds a Christmas special item but also an item fans were waiting for. First of all, let’s talk about the Christmas special items which include a well-lit and decorated Yule Tree. It can be crafted using 10x wood and 1 fir-cone. Apart from that, Yuleklapp is various colored present boxes that can be placed around the tree and provide some extra storage as well.

Next, we move on to the item fans were waiting for and was previously leaked as well – the armor stands. As players progress from one biome to the next, armors get outdated, and obliterating them is such a shame. But now you can craft armor stands and display your collection of armors like a boss! All you require is 8x Fine Wood pieces, 4x Iron Nails, and 2x Leather Scraps to craft an armor stand.

More Comfort

Not only does this update add new items but some of these items also add more comfort. Until now the max comfort you could get in Valheim was 17 (19 if you had previous special items) but now you can add a bit more to it! The following new items provide you the following comfort levels:

Yule Tree – Plus 1 Comfort (Cannot be replicated by adding more trees in the area)

Armor Stand – Plus 1 Comfort (Cannot be replicated by adding more stands in the area)

So, it’s great news as you can now make your house/castle/room more comfortable and increase the rested bonus.


For the Vikings who like farming animals and petting them, taming has received some great tweaks. First of all, the tamed animals will now not be afraid of fire! So, now you can light those pens up or bring the animals inside your castle without them getting afraid and running away.

Secondly, many users complained about the constant howling by tamed wolves. The high-pitched and realistic howling drove some users mad and preferred to not pet wolves. Well, the problem has been solved now as they no longer howl. I personally loved the howling as it made it more realistic, and it sounded beautiful to me but that’s not the popular opinion.

Improvement and Fixes

  • Location music tweaked
  • Tweaked Abomination’s drop and spawn
  • Localization updates have been made
  • Clipping check when placing thrones is enabled
  • Troll animations have been overhauled
  • Server list profanity filter has been added

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