Valheim Crosses 2 Million Units Sold In Just 13 Days

Valheim has successfully sold over 2 million copies in just 13 days. The game is going strong and developer Iron Gate was extremely happy to share this news with all of us.

“We wanted to start by sharing a giant troll-sized thank you! In just 13 days Valheim has been purchased by over two million Vikings, and this weekend we reached a new peak concurrent player milestone of 360,000!” writes Iron Gate Studio.

As you read, Valheim also hit a new peak concurrent player milestone of 360,000. It was also seen surpassing games like Dota 2, PUBG, and GTA V, some of the Steam Charts leaders of all-time.

The game sold over 1 million units in its first week and saw over 127,00 peak viewers on Twitch. The game’s doing extremely well on the streaming platform as well.

We’ve contacted Iron Gate for an interview regarding the current state of Valheim, their future plans for the game, and what they think of the overwhelming response from players across the globe.

“We’re so excited to continue working with you all to reach Asgard together, and we’ll be sharing more soon on what’s next.”

You can purchase Valheim for $20 for PC via Steam. The game is still in Early Access.

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